Incredible wedding and engagement inspo from Jenny GG Photography

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Remember Seattle photographer Jenny GG? We profiled her once before and as a result she got to shoot some wonderful offbeat brides. Or as she put it, “‘Offbeat' has only resulted in awesome so I want more!” So she's back with yet another special offer and some more offbeat porn as a result!

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Jenny traveled to San Diego to shoot the wedding of Amber and Karen and very rarely am I moved to tears by wedding photos, but her shots of these brides and their so obviously caring friends just tugged at my heart.

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Oh yeah, and she also rocks the offbeat engagement shoots something fierce as well. I mean this shot is so dreamy that I could die. It's not easy to capture the essence of a couple in an unscripted environment where they're both riding bikes… yeah, that shot should solidify the fact that Jenny is a bad-ass photographer.

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And she's also a really cool chick…

I really respect transparency in business — I am the same chick with my clients as my friends and although I like to approach photography from a journalistic and candid perspective, I am a girl first so I will totally tell someone if they have a booger or if their bangs are doing that thing they hate, etc.
Jenny GG

Offbeat Discont: Jenny has generously offered a $300 discount on her “Gawk” or “Gaze” wedding photo packages.

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If you're looking for a photographer that keeps it down to earth while making your photos look out of this world, then Jenny GG is your hot ticket. Book her for your wedding before I run out of synonyms for awesome.

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Comments on Incredible wedding and engagement inspo from Jenny GG Photography

  1. Jenny is fantastic and I hear nothing but praise from other Seattle Brides! I can’t wait to see her photos for our August Engagement session and our May ’11 Wedding. 🙂

  2. Jenny is super awesome and we just love her! she will be photographing our wedding in September and we totally can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos that will result. She also did our engagement photos and many of our friends and family have told us that they honestly brought them to tears… Thanks Jenny! YOU ROCK!

  3. I’m the Ariel Hansen in this post — Jenny’s great! she got beautiful photos of our ceremony and wedding party this June, and the shots of Willy and I are A*MAZing!
    I recommend 🙂

  4. Jenny is an amazing person to work with. Everything is easy-going and the results are incredible. Love love love!

  5. Hmm…I had my heart so set on an amazing photographer that did a friend’s destination wedding in New Orleans that I was planning on paying whatever I had to to get her here…but then this is the first time I’ve heard such stellar reviews of someone local…possibly time to maybe rethink my conviction…

  6. Jenny is the best photographer around. She did both our engagement photos and also our August ’09 wedding last year. If you want lasting photographs that re-capture the moments in your special day…you won’t go wrong with Jenny. After interviewing and meeting so many photographers…Jenny (hands down) was the #1 choice. We love her!

  7. Jenny is AMAZING! I found her on OBB a year ago and knew she had to be our photographer. She was booked for the day we picked, so I insisted we change the wedding date so we could hire her. The MIL thought I was crazy until she went to her site and completely agreed with me. She just posted our wedding pictures today, and they are breathtaking. Hiring her was the best wedding decision I ever made!

  8. Jenny GG was fabulous to work with! She was reasonabley priced and great personality. She is definitely a person to meet!

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