Science and tech nerds: these scientific invitation suites inject mad scientist vibes into your wedding

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scientific invitation suites
Lichtenberg Wedding Invitation Suite

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Are you planning a science-themed wedding? Having a chemistry-inspired unity ceremony? Just love nerding out to science and all things tech? Want some custom-designed Mr. Robot-inspired tech invites (please say yes oh my glob!)? Your science-y wedding game will be STEPPED UP with a science-meets-art invitation suite from our ultra talented design partner, Athena and Aphrodite.

Art & science blend like they do in nature

The artist, Amanda Mayer, is an M.I.T. grad with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Ph.D. in Genetic Toxicology who also grew up surrounded by art. You heard that right: she's both an artist AND a scientist, so she knows exactly what it takes to make stellar science-themed invitations with serious style.

Amanda started out designing her own wedding invitation suite which led to more and more ideas for designs. She turned her graphic design skill and science background into the scientific invitation suites about which we are PSYCHED to share. Plus, we got a sneak peek at Amanda's newest styles which feature foiling, vellum, and transparent acetate, adding whole new levels of texture, color, and customization options.

Wait, can these be customized?

The best part of invitations from Athena and Aphrodite is that they can be customized to YOU. Have an affinity for a geographic location or a specific scientific element or chemical (like dopamine? caffeine?)? Keep scrolling to see how they can be incorporated into the design! Oh, and she can add in foiling, matching menu cards, programs, escort cards, etc., and even outer address printing. This is FULL service, y'all.

Here are some new styles with descriptions straight from Amanda…

scientific invitation suites
SUCROSE invitation suite

The beautiful image used in this suite is sugar crystals under a polarizing light microscope! These colors are seen because sugar crystals split the incoming light into different rays. When these rays interfere with each other, they create a particular color. I can also substitute the sugar image for other crystals like citric acid, caffeine, or Vitamin C.

scientific invitation suites
TOPOGRAPHY invitation suite

Topography is the recording of three-dimensional surfaces and landforms, using contour lines, hypsometric tints, and relief shading to designate elevation. This topographic map of Swans Island, Maine was created from United States Geological Survey data from 1901. I can create a specialized invitation suite using the topography of any location, like your wedding or the place you met!

scientific invitation suites
MAXWELL invitation suite

Drawings from James Clerk Maxwell, a scientist in the field of mathematical physics. His most notable achievement was the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, bringing together electricity, magnetism, and light as different parts of the same phenomenon. Maxwell’s equations are used to create all electric, optical, and radio technologies, including electric motors, wireless communication, cameras, televisions, and computers!

Here are even more designs that channel astronomy, electricity, mathematics, biology, digital technologies, and even Tesla!

scientific invitation suites
Syzygy Wedding Invitation Suite
scientific invitation suites
Palynology Wedding Invitation Suite
scientific invitation suites
Tesla Wedding Invitation Suite
scientific invitation suites
Digital Wedding Invitation Suite
scientific invitation suites
Cross Section Wedding Invitation Suite

Rave reviews abound for these designs:

“Everything about this process was fantastic! My fiance and I ordered the Tesla Wedding Invitation suite for our wedding, and Amanda offered to create a custom details card that matched. The quality of everything was great, and the cards fit in perfectly with our industrial-themed wedding! Amanda is extremely flexible in creating something that will fit for you and we are so happy we ordered these!”

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Go find an invitation suite that channels your inner geek OR customize a set to exactly what you want. Get in touch on Athena and Aphrodite's website and Etsy store, and follow them on Facebook and Pinterest, too!

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