You may need safety goggles to take in the awesomeness of these science-themed wedding invitations

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The Telsa-themed wedding invitation suite from Athena and Aphrodite.
The Telsa-themed wedding invitation suite from Athena and Aphrodite.

Stop everything you're doing right now and take a look at this wedding invitation design. It's the Tesla wedding invitations, and the designs are based on Nikola Tesla’s original patents, and a font created from his own handwriting!

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Now stop and think of when the last time you got something this scientifically bad-ass in your mail? Let alone, something that bad-ass that's inviting you to a party!? But that's what our sponsor Amanda, at Athena and Aphrodite, does — she makes wedding invitations with scientific and engineering themes!

Apparently, this magic is what happens when an artists get two degrees from MIT, and grew up with an engineer/artist dad.

All the designs come from things like Galileo’s sketches, polarized photos of sugar crystals, spherical harmonic equations, etc., and they're GORGEOUS. Plus, when you click on any of these designs, you get a really cool mini science lesson. Go ahead, give it at try…


Atomic wedding invitations
The Atomic suite features atomic models of different chemical elements, spelling out names and wedding dates!


Concentric wedding invitations
The Concentric wedding invitation suite features geometric drawings done in the 17th century with a mechanical drawing machine (a primitive Spirograph!).


Digital wedding invitations
With Digital invitations, the wedding date is in binary code, featuring printed circuit board patterns based on real electronics.

Cross Section

Cross Section wedding invitations
These feature geologic cross sections of the Williamsville, Virginia area, from the freaking US Geological Society.


Selenography wedding invitations
Yeah, I had to look up “selenography” — it's the study of the surface of the Moon. These designs are based on NASA/US Geological Society maps of the geology of the moon.

Neural Chemical

Neurochemical wedding invitations
The designs on <the Neural Chemical invites are based on structures of the chemicals we release when experiencing lust, attraction, and long-term attachment.


Malachite wedding invitations
This design shows off the kick-ass coloring and the banded structure of malachite.


Horology wedding invitations
The Horology invites feature vintage drawings from a 1765 French encyclopedia article on clock and watch-making. I mean…


Neutrino wedding invitations
The beautiful designs in this suite were reproduced from bubble chamber photographs. Apparently, charged particles moving through the chamber leave tiny trails of bubbles that can be photographed. And I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't gone to check out the closer details of these babies.

Who knew science was so romantic!? But, better than romantic, is discounted


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Oh, but there are so many more gorgeous designs inspired by deep and awesome science. You need to do yourself a favor and check out the rest of these science-themed wedding invitations (like Oology and Palynology — not sure what those are? Find out in the prettiest way possible!). Then do your guests a favor and send some gorgeous science to their mailboxes!

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  1. Truly these are scientifically bad-ass and thrilling to the nerd in all of us. These are especially exhilarating to this uber-nerd, and I only wish I had known about Athena and Aphrodite before I got married! Perhaps a vow renewal ceremony needs to be scheduled? Thanks for spotlighting these great invites, Offbeat Bride.

  2. Amanda is the best! I ordered the Selenography save-the-dates about a week ago, and Amanda and I have been working on the layout of my invitations as well (I couldn’t come up with enough info for 4 panels, as pretty as they are). I cannot wait to see my proofs and receive my invites 🙂

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