This zine wedding program brings the funny to the ceremony

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 | Photography by 43rd Ave. Photography
Zine wedding program as seen on @offbeatbride #carnival #wedding
Photos by 43rd Ave. Photography

Christina and Michael's carnival wedding with surprise Elvis officiant had so much going on. I particularly remember their cotton candy machine since I'm hungry. But man, there was a TON of awesome. Think a gorgeous winery venue, lace dress with black underlay, a gorgeous homemade cake, and of course, The King, the amazing Elvis officiant. Go see it. But the one detail that rocks our world is their zine wedding program created by one of their artist friends. We love a good zine, so seeing one as a wedding program is RAD.

Zines (usually self-published fanzines or magazines) had a big renaissance in the '90s and are still being made en masse by awesome indie artists all over. So while this isn't necessarily an easily DIYable project (unless you're artistic yourself), you might know someone in your circle who could help you create one for your own wedding. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy this as a killer wedding idea to share. Let's take a peek at Christina and Michael's funny version.

Zine wedding program as seen on @offbeatbride #carnival #wedding Zine wedding program as seen on @offbeatbride #carnival #wedding

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