Jeff & Erin’s epic save the date video

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I'm seeing more and more folks doing Save The Date videos instead of cards — but this one from Jeff & Erin pretty much takes the cake. There's an eye patch! There's an evil kitty! There are Vietnamese subtitles! In a time … when height meant everything …

The video's currently got about 4000 views … let's see how long it takes before this one goes viral. 🙂

UPDATE: After we posted it here on Offbeat Bride, as we predicted the video went completely viral and showed up EVERYWHERE online and even international TV. For some reason (possibly related?) the youtube video is now private. You can still find it here, though.

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  1. Oh wow…. I don’t think I can ever hope to do anything that awesome for my save the date. (I just realized why no one has ever tried to shorten that – STD just doesn’t quite bring in the same effect.)

    • People totally shorten it all the time! On the OBT, on other wedding websites, all over the place. And it makes me giggle far more than it should!

  2. I'm freaking out about printing my STD on magnet paper and they go and do that! LOL That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen (wedding related anyway!!)…holy cr@p!! LOVED IT!!!!

  3. Brilliant! I posted it to my journal and now it's starting to make rounds on my friends list…with OBB credit, of course. 🙂

  4. Very cool …. first I thought they were going to say 10-10-10 but in the end it said october 9 2010 … but the show was very well thought out and very unique way to make save the date cards…. Nice … great looking couple.. Congrats!

  5. OMG!!! Oh… MY… GOD!!! This is the BEST thing I've ever seen! This is on so many levels of awesome I can't even express it.

    Who made this movie?! I want to know. Did they hire someone? Or do it themselves? The opening 20th Century spoof logo is a program design in and of itself! Wow!

    • Thanks Sarah! We only hired someone for the voiceover; he is a voice actor named Larry Wayne. The trailer started out as a simple idea, but then we got a new camera that could record in HD and the ideas just kept on coming! Once we heard the voice, we knew we had to make the video live up to the sound. As for the 20th Century logo, it was a template model created by "blazer003" in a program called Blender. We just followed his tutorial:

  6. I dig the use of the Requiem for a Dream music, aka "Epic Movie Preview Music."

  7. Amazing production quality and some really well done effects! Just for the Save the Date? WOW!!

    So I did some searching and found some more awesomeness like this:

    (I thought this one was taking itself too seriously… until the lightsaber! ROFL)

    (short, but also well done)

    (HILARIOUS! But I can't imagine Grandma enjoying this one!)

    (SO %$#@%#$ FUNNY – I think I laughed at this one the most!)

    (Playing off of Mr & Ms Smith… cute!)

    Pure Awesome.

  8. Ok – so you post on The Today show – which is very public – but you don't have available online to share? Why is that? Very cool btw……..

    • I have a feeling that the Today Show ripped it off the internet on their own and that's probably why the video is private today. 🙁

  9. Great work.

    Here's an even better Save The Date! (better production quality, excellent story line)

    the bride rising from the water! horses! arrows! light sabers!
    the groom slicing a watermelon in midair!

    Cheers to Dan and Jen's Save the Date

  10. Will they become friends with me? I will sell a kidney to go to their wedding.

    Also, my boyfriend is shorter than me. I don't know why I have it in for shorter Asian dudes, but I do.

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