Paying homage to our favorite wedding party member: the RING BEAR

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Ring bearer? Sure.

Ring BEAR? Hell yes!

Every time we get to see a ring bear, we get excited. This is especially so when they are a life-sized member of the wedding party, as was the case at Emily and Kyle's cupcakes, kilts, and robots rainbow wedding. You can see their best pal Bear and his giant ass rings with the groomsmen below.

We decided to pull together all of our favorite ring bears from weddings we've featured to pay respect to that most LOL-worthy of guests and bear(er) of rings, who sweats his or her way through the ceremony for our viewing pleasure.

Oh, and a few stuffed bears get the spotlight, too!


Kyle's crew just wouldn't look right without him.

Ringbearer with the Ring Bear

Kari and Rich's rings were carried inside a little stuffed bear in honor of Rich's childhood best friend who had joked about dressing up in a bear suit, but unexpectedly passed away before the wedding.

Love this one

Vanessa and Derek had an awesome ring bear who totally got into the spirit at their geeky vintage bear-y jokester wedding.

Bear Bride

And he let the bride in on the bear head action. Bonus.

ring bear close up

Jess and James used this marionette ring bear to “even out” their wedding party. An even wedding party is never required, but I'll take any reason to add in this cuteness.

Scary Ring Bears

Helen and Steve had their bears wear hats and fuzzy bow ties instead of full-on bear suits. They growled down the aisle!

Just us and a bear

Julia and Bobby's nephew was the suited-up bear at their 1950s-inspired wedding.

Can you bear it?

Here he is walking Julia's mom down the aisle. The faces of the guests say it all: LOLing all around.

Check online for all types of bear costumes: realistic bears, cartoon-y bears, baby bears, and even a Ted costume.

Are bears not your thing? Check out these ring pillow ideas:

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  1. Haha! so cute! When we asked my guy’s little brother (7yrs old) to be our ring bearer he was super excited. Then he asked us when he gets to pick out his bear costume and we all cracked up!

  2. Oh my God. The kids in the Bear costumes are adorable. What a funny concept. I would have never thought of it.

  3. When I tried to view the article on the Russian bear wedding, I was redirected to this article so I assume you removed. Thank you for removing it and not glorifying animal abuse.

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