Everyone is a bombshell: get heart eyes with these retro boudoir shots from Shameless Photography

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Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride

You guys don't even know how much we squeed when we saw these stunning pin-up boudoir photos from our sponsor, Shameless Photography. You probably already know how much we advocate the transformative experience that boudoir photos can provide. To give you a recap of our cheerleading, here's a snippet from one of our favorite guests posts, Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body:

  • You get to be comfortable in your own body, even if you were already
  • Lots of people complimenting you and telling you how hot you look
  • Did I mention the wonders it does for your self-esteem?
  • It's an excuse to wear really cute outfits
  • Again — what better way to encourage self-love?

Let's talk about why Shameless is the photography studio who will fully embrace your curves, your edges, and the specific beauty unique to you… that we KNOW you have. Shameless has studios in San Francisco and New York and is a collaboration between three lady photographers, Sophie Spinelle, Carey Lynne, and Maxine Nienow.

Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride

Let's talk about what a package with Shameless looks like

Their photo packages include both a full makeover (YES!) and access to their big selection of retro, vintage, and Old Hollywood wardrobe — everything from glam gowns to flirty sundresses to bathing suits to corsets to lingerie — in sizes 00 to 5x. All my fellow plus size ladies, you know you want to play dress up. Shoes, accessories and jewelry are also provided, because of course!

Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride

Body-positivity makes our boobs tingle

As someone who has totally been Photoshop-wittled down before in wedding photos, the fact that these ladies are a body-positive studio and will not alter your body type makes me giddy. They want to make you feel and look amazing and empowered AS YOURSELF and with the photo shoot process. Take a peek at their Yelp reviews to see their rave reviews about this process. Here are some that convinced us of their prowess:

“Sophie and Carey care deeply about body love and liberation. No matter your size, race, gender presentation, ability, or age, they will help you believe in the pin-up vixen inside of you. Seriously, do it now. It will change your life!” – Moxie H.
“Can I just say….MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!?!? …I am extremely shy and pretty self-conscious about my body and they made me feel completely comfortable after five minutes… I recommend that EVERY woman at some point in her life do something like this.” – Erin K.
“I do not photograph well. I swear I have a magical ability to halfway blink or retract my face back into my neck the instant a camera clicks. When I got the photos back I was blown away with how INSANELY amazing they are. I mean, I figured they'd be good but OMG.” – Christy S.
Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride

Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat BrideShameless does everything from classic bridal boudoir to radical body-acceptance photography, such as their outdoor nude shoot with activist/artist Denise Jolly last year, featured on Cosmo. Can I get an “amen?”

Boudoir photography can make you feel powerful and sexy, especially when you're being handled by serious pros who know how to capitalize on everything that makes you amazing. Here's how the ladies of Shameless describe it:

The tools of makeup, lighting, and photography can create images that are part fantasy, part reality. It is a powerful thing to enter the realm of fantasy, and to know that you can do so whenever you choose. No model or movie star owns the realm of fantasy — we all do. In some small way, we hope that our business can help women to feel more empowered and embodied — and to see femininity as a space of play and possibility rather than shame.

Want to see MORE?! Hell yes you do.

Let's see who else they've been making look like sparkly rainbow magic fairies of retro:

Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride Shameless Photography as seen on Offbeat Bride

Once a year for Valentine's Day, they hold a LOVE YOUR BODY contest, where people from around the world write and submit their own love letters to their bodies. You can read this year's letters on their Facebook page, and then you can vote for your favorite. One person will win a free photo shoot! Supporting self-love is our jam.

Interested? You know you want to reach out and book a session with Shameless to see yourself in a whole new and transformative way. Do eeet!

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  1. These photos are so gorgeous – I wish I was on the other side of the Atlantic! Keep up the amazing work ladies!x

  2. Oh man, looks like I’m trekking up the coast to San Fran for my 30th birthday celebration now. I’ve been wanting to do boudoir photos for quite some time, now I’d better start figuring out when I can get up there, because damn, I want me some of these.

  3. *Damn*, I want to do this! Somebody persuade them to come to Portland. I’ll part with any amount of my all-too-scarce cash to look this sexy.

  4. Ah!! I love popping over here to check out the forum and seeing my friend’s work! Sophie, the founder of Shameless, is absolutely incredible! I’ve had the joy of doing two Shameless shoots – one was a training shoot, to help train a new photographer, and one I splurged on for myself in the midst of a breakup. It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. No matter how you feel about yourself day in / day out, you WILL feel like a movie star during a Shameless shoot, and you will love the photos.

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