4 reasons a Renaissance fest wedding will put the “huzzah!” in your wedding day

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When I found out that we were partnering with the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX, I knew my time had come. I get to talk about REN FEST WEDDINGS! I knew my fellow turkey leg-eating, corset-wearing, sword-wielding offbeat couples would join me in my joy. Finding more ways to get Ren fest weddings on Offbeat Bride? That's my jam. Let's talk about all the ways a Renaissance fest wedding will make your wedding day the most epic, awe-inspiring, and time-traveling event ever.


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Costumes and garb and wenches, oh my!

I know some of you out there are DYING to don a corset, some leather boots, or a doublet at your wedding. Don't even try to deny it. What better arena for looking like royalty than a Renaissance fest? Coming up with costumes for your wedding party can be equally fun. Here are some tips to make that process easier. Get inspired with our archive of Renaissance weddings.

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Monsters, dungeons, and kings — events galore

This goes without saying, but you're at a Ren Fest! Your reception can include shows, musicians, games, shops, and of course, access to some of the best artisan vendors anyone planning a wedding could ask for. The Scarborough Renaissance Festival also boasts a Mythical Monster Museum, the Dungeon of Yorkshire Tower, a petting zoo, archery, jousting, and about a million other attractions. I dare you to try not to have fun. Plus, you're the STAR of it all! Have you seen some of our Renaissance weddings? Talk about becoming royalty for a day.

Oh, and check out your fest's special event weekends to match your specific theme. Scarborough Renaissance Festival has a Royal Ale Festival, Celtic weekend, Live the Fantasy weekend, and a Legends of the Sea weekend. Please let us know if you end up choosing a kilt-filled Celtic weekend… because reasons.

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Ren fests are budget-friendly

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)One of the best reasons to have a Ren fest wedding is the price. The Scarborough Renaissance Festival is all-inclusive, like most are, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. They accommodate both tiny and larger weddings, and include SO much: tickets for your guests, an officiant, live period music, bouquets, flowers, a huge feast, a pike arch and reception garden (and all the decor your can handle, natch), and lots more. So you're saving on a lot of items you might otherwise have to source yourself.

Here are their rates so you can see what I'm talking about. You can get this going for only $850 if you wanted to. Oh, and don't miss the food list at the bottom. Nom. Full receptions may also include a visit from King Henry VIII himself, too.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Check out this tablescape and fantasy book and castle cake at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Sometimes they offer discounts

Speaking of budget-friendly, we've got an in with the Scarborough Renaissance Festival to get you a 10% discount for booking by January 31st if you mention Offbeat Bride.

If you're planning an April or May wedding in, near, or around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival has the resources to make your wedding truly magical. Go get your discount, choose all your trinkets and goblets and dresses, and make this day amazing. HUZZAH!

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  1. My wife and I got married at Scarbourough faire in 2009, and it was amazing. We had a beautiful wedding, both traditional and hand fasting, made most of our friends dress up for the event, and took full advantage of the magic that day. There’s not a thing we would change.

  2. I’m getting married at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in September. It’s inexpensive, but all you get is 30 minutes to get hitched on the chapel steps. We’re hoping to be able to do an improvised reception at one of the pubs, but we don’t know yet.

  3. my Fiance and I are getting married at our local Renaissance faire, The colorado renaissance faire in Larkspur Colorado next summer July 2018!

    • My fiance and I are planning to do a wedding there too for next year (2022). I would love to hear about your experience!

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