Remember your guests’ travels with a push pin map guestbook

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We aren't talking about “pinning” in terms of Pinterest for once. We're talking an actual push pin map guestbook. Brenna and Dennis had a nifty, thrifty idea for their guestbook: guests placed a pin on a map indicating from where they traveled. This ideas serves two purposes: find out who traveled the farthest, and have a visual keepsake of where all your guests live. Super fun times! Let's hear from Brenna on the whole scheme.

We were surrounded by so many people we love. Dennis has a very large family, and we both have many friends, so instead of trying to cut down on either group, we invited everyone, which brought quite a few people together. We were lucky to have a number of people travel long distances for the wedding, so at the entrance we had people put a pin in the map to say where they came from. The longest distance: Uganda!

Uganda be kidding me! Uuuugh, sorry for that pun. Can you blame me? Let's hear your own guestbook ideas, if you're having one.

Brenna & Dennis Wedding 323 Brenna & Dennis Wedding 171

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  1. I’ve thought it would be fun to have an address book guest book. There’s the immediate benefit of having the right mailing address for a thank you card, but I think it would also be fun to collect email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter/Instagram handles, maybe even birthdates!

  2. I wish we had done some sort of really cool noticeable guestbook. We bought a diary at a horror convention and but it on the gift table with a sign. Problem was, a couple people brought large gifts and set them right on top of the guestbook! By the time I noticed and fixed it cocktail hour was halfway over and everyone had already visited the table so we only got something like 12 messages 🙁

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