Wedding inspiration in hot pinks and bright purples

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Right now, I'm a little bit obsessed with hot pink and bright purple so I was extremely excited to see all of these great purple and pink colors floating around! Indulge me a little and enjoy this purple/pink themed Monday Montage.

bridesmaids-25.jpgThis photo immediately caught my eye for so many reasons. First of all, INCREDIBLE colors! Second of all, I absolutely LOVE Indian weddings: the henna, the ornate outfits, the intricate ceremonies. LURVE it.

bride/father & groom/mother danceThen I saw this one. Wowza, Sara sure looked great in this dress. And damn girl, I like yo moves!

Denver_Colorado_wedding_0015OMG shoes! Audra & Nathanael loves them some shoes. And these shoes rule!

Marital Chess!Tina‘s favorite color is purple so she chose to wear this gorgeous purple gown during their Sonoma wedding. While waiting to get married Tina & J managed to find time for a quick game of chess in the park.

The Groom's Awesome ShoesI love a groom who isn't afraid of a little color. Check out these bad boys. Orin is rockin' those purple alligator shoes!

Jane - the brideHere is another drool worthy dress, which Jane had custom made from a 1950's vogue pattern. If you couldn't tell Jane & Eric's color theme was pink and blue. They even had their guests dress in the same colors!

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  1. Thank you! I just bought that vintage vogue dress pattern yesterday with the intent of possibly turning it into a wedding dress. Now that I know how cute it can look on a real person, I am encouraged.

    (Jane, if you read this, how hard was that pattern to execute?)

  2. And I won that game of chess too… teehee! Also, Jane’s pattern is the same one my mom used for her wedding dress!

  3. promise me you will post that indian wedding! (and find out how to wrap those things lol)

  4. So much beautiful! LOVE Sara’s dress, multi-color scheme, and OMG, her whole flickr set is great–ceremony at the zoo!!!

    The other pics are rad, too!

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