Use a projection screen or a big wall for a video game reception

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Have access to a big projection screen or a big white wall? Instead of using it for a slideshow, use it for epic video game fun that most people can't get at home on their small screens. In Anie and Andrew's case, it's giant Dance Dance Revolution as their “first dance.”

Replace the game with your favorites like Rock Band or Wii Play, and you'll have a reception activity that will have guests forming a line.

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Comments on Use a projection screen or a big wall for a video game reception

  1. OH MY HELL YES. I do not dance, I cannot dance, and had no idea what to do about that wretched tradition. DDR is perfect. And the projection brilliant. Idea definitely stolen!

  2. We did this as well since neither of us wanted dancing. We mostly played smash brothers for the gamecube which was a hit with everyone. We also had decks of cards, and games like Uno available for people who didn’t want to play video games.

  3. If anyone comes across this post and has actually done this at their wedding, please get in touch with me! My fiance and I really want to rent a couple projectors and have video games as the main entertainment at our wedding, and we’d love to know exactly how anyone who’s done this went about it (what kind of venue, other entertainment for non-gamer guests, did you also have a DJ?, etc.)

    Seriously, get in touch: [email protected]

    • Hey Vanessa. We’re also planning our wedding now and I’m hoping to do a video game projector. Instead of DDR, though, which I never really got into, I want to set up my old N64 so guests can play multiplayer games. I was more of a Super Nintendo kid, but 4-player games seem more party friendly than 2-player. We’re having our reception in a house with dinner seating in the backyard, so the indoor space will be used for the cocktail hour and after-dinner socializing (maybe some dancing with an iPod playlist if that’s what people want; we and our friends aren’t big dancers). I am planning to hang our projector from the ceiling of the living room and have it project family photos onto a wall (or maybe a screen if I can get one cheap) during the cocktail hour. After people go outside for dinner we can switch it from photos to video games and pull up a couch for people to sit on. I’m hoping it will be a fun way for old friends I grew up with (but who might not all know each other) to socialize beyond just standing around drinking and talking about how horrible Trump is. We’ll be having a band play during dinner and dessert, so I’m not envisioning the video games as the main source of entertainment.

  4. I would love to do this, only I know I will get ignored the whole night by my fiancé. Would be a great idea otherwise.

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