3.14159 reasons to love Pi-Day weddings (and pies!)

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Cake and Pie Display

It's Pi Day! We've featured several Pi Day weddings, and we want to celebrate the day by sharing both our favorite kinds of Pi and pie. I thought I'd kick it off with Tony and Emily's wedding cake and pie buffet that was decorated with an adorable Pi banner cake topper. As Emily explains…

Tony doesn't like cake and I love cake and pie, so we compromised and had an assortment of both! Banner cake toppers read “Tony & Emily” and the other is the first nine digits of Pi.

Now let's salivate over more wedding pie action…

Cake toppers

Michelle made those pie toppers, and they're standing in the shape of pi for their Pi Day wedding — PIE INCEPTION!

piecut 011012 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Here's Miranda and Evan cutting their wedding pie with the DIY pie topper in honor of where they met.

rhubarb wedding pie!

Gotta love these flag toppers on the rhubarb wedding pie.

Wedding whoopie pies

“A co-worker makes these delicious gigantic whoopie pies, aptly named Gigantor. They have been part of our family celebrations for a few years now. The baby whoopie pies were lovingly crafted by [the groom's] mom.”

Photos by Karenscape Photography
Photos by Karenscape Photography

Check out those heart-shaped pie-pops from Lee and Leon's wedding.

Reception - Print - 027

Lots of people love wedding cake, but there's a big world of potential wedding desserts out there — including mini pies! Laura and David opted to serve these tiny treats at their Southern hippie wedding. The best part? There were tons of pies leftover, so guests got to take plenty of them home.


Chad and Matt not only served pie at their wedding, but they served up said wedding pies themselves! Check out the adorable chef hats.


Sara does't like cake, so she served pies at their wedding instead. She also made the labels pictured above. Oh, and she also included pie in her vows:

I am marrying you not because you make the best key lime pie in the world, or because we both think it's reasonable to wash our dishes with Windex when we run out of soap… I am marrying you because you are my best friend, because we've managed to create a life filled with laughter, passion, creativity, silliness, and support. And a lot of wine.


Kara and Nicki served pizza and pie at their wedding. Obviously, the pie was a big hit.


Frequent Offbeat Bride contributor Elizabeth made 25 wedding pies, complete with adorable hearts.

James & Melissa's Pi Day wedding

It's not a pie, but it's Pi! James and Melissa got married on Pi Day and this was their wedding logo. Trust, you're going to want to see their whole wedding.

Want a second helping of pie? Get thee to our wedding pies archive!

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  1. Thank you oh so much for doing wedding pie posts! It’s been hard trying to convince more traditional people in my family that it’s ok to have pie instead of cake at weddings!

  2. My bf suggested whe should get married on epic pie day (3/14/2015). I thought it was a great idea and put it in our agenda including a year in advance notice. Half joking, because it might be a bit soon, I want to save a bit longer.

    He says I’m nuts for taking him serious, I say he loves me because I’m nuts. He agreed. 😀

  3. Question:

    I want to do pies and ice cream for my June 2014 wedding…

    I want to do home-made pies, however, my Grandma totally wouldn’t be down with making pies for 175 people…

    Is it rude to ask?

    • Are there other people in your family and friends who you could ask? If you divide the task among a few people, the load would be more manageable.

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