Philadelphia’s Allebach Photography is booking in your neighborhood (and has TWO discounts)

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Allebach Photography is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Philly-based photographer Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography is one guy you've likely already heard us rave about before. Around these parts, he's been known to totally rock the tattooed wedding market, and HALF of his bookings are same-sex couples. On top of it all, Mike has been partnering with us for over six years and has used his expertise to write some pretty boss posts for us. So when we say we can vouch for our dude, we really mean it.

But today I really want to talk about Mike's ability to travel TO YOU to make your inked-up, same-sex, or quirky-traditional wedding photo dreams happen. It's like he's in your backyard no matter where you are.


Allebach Photography travels anywhere in the United States. A growing percentage of their weddings now occur outside of Pennsylvania. So if you feel kinship with this style and think you'd be BFFs with Mike (and you will!), there's totally no reason not to go book your date with him now. Sneak preview: Offbeat Bride readers can get travel fees waived completely (details below)!


One of the best parts of working with Mike and his crew is that, no matter what style your wedding is — tattooed, traditional, small and sweet, or totally off-the-wall — you'll be treated to a custom experience that makes the most of your own style.

Inked Magazine in April 2014 said about Mike Allebach:

He treats weddings as individually as the people in them… Allebach has no problem going with the flow of the crowd for the sake of good photography. If they want shots, he eggs them on, if the couple wants to get lost in their own world, he'll willingly fade into the background.

If you're working hard to make those wedding details personalized, make sure they're being photographed that way, too.

Karly and Steve's artsy and crafty upcycled wedding
Karly and Steve's artsy and crafty upcycled wedding

Philadelphia Allebach Photographer


  • NO airfare or travel fees for Offbeat Bride weddings in the continental 48 states for weddings booked by December 1st.
  • A Special Secret Offbeat Bride Package is available! Contact them for details here.

Maybe you met Mike at Brooklyn's Lovesick Expo last year or maybe you'll meet him at Philly's Lovesick Expo this year (January 11, 2015!). Either way, MEET HIM, get your secret reader-only discount, and then you'll know exactly why you need him in your wedding planning life.

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Comments on Philadelphia’s Allebach Photography is booking in your neighborhood (and has TWO discounts)

  1. That’s me and my husband in the photobooth picture above. We are so happy with everything Mike did for us.
    We pondered the costs for a long time before saying yes, knowing we didn’t have a lot to spend, but the photos are really worth it.
    Book Mike! You won’t regret it.

    • That picture literally made me “awwww” out loud! 🙂 It’s the kind of picture I wish I had of my husband and me. You two look so great and it really is a wonderful picture. Congratulations!

  2. Mike photographed our wedding in September, as well as our engagement photos. My husband doesn’t like being in front of the camera, but Mike has a knack for disappearing into the background and getting amazing shots in the process. For the most part, he just lets you do your thing and offers direction only when he can tell you’re completely lost on what to do with your body for the more posed shots. He has a great sense of humor, to boot.

    He’s worth every. single. penny.

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