Is there anything more satisfying than getting that LONG Tetris piece right when you've built up that perfect pocket for it? Karen and Ian know what I'm talking about — they brought their love of Tetris together with their love for each other in their awesome and interactive Tetris pop-up wedding invitations.

Karen and Ian Wedding Invitation Closed

Karen and Ian Wedding Invitation Open

These invitations say more than “you complete me.” They say “you complete me and then make me squee with triumph when my blocks all start flashing and then disappear, and then the game makes that noise thingy that announces that you've just gotten me to a new level, which then makes my heart race as the pieces start coming faster and faster!”

Ahem, sorry, I got a little carried away there. Anyway, what I mean to say is: cool invites, guys!

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Comments on The perfect Tetris piece wedding invitation

  1. These are AMAZING!!! I am such a Tetris nerd, one of the few video games I play – and also the only one that I can beat FH and the kids at. 🙂 Did you make these yourself? Any chance of a tutorial? PRETTY PLEASE?????

  2. Eee, those are ours! LOL I had no idea my Maid of Awesome had put up those pictures, so I was totally surprised to see these get featured!

    Thanks for the amazing comments! I can’t promise a tutorial, as they were made by my mom, but I can see if she has one left that hasn’t been put together (or can make a new one) so I can get pictures of the process if there’s a lot of interest.

    Don’t hold your breath, though – I’m doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge (a 50,000 word novel in the month of November) and then Christmas is right around the corner, so this may not happen any time soon!

    • Hey, cool about NaNoWriMo – good luck!

      But a tutorial woudl be awesome – let’s say there is definitely a lot of interest! 🙂

      • Thanks! It’s going well so far, but this is my fourth year doing NaNo so I know that “going well” can change to “crash and burn” without warning. 😉

        I will see what I can do! November’s probably a wash, and my mom is moving in December, and then it’s Christmas, eek! I will try to find time to do it before Christmas but I can’t promise anything!

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