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The Talon ring. $230
The Talon ring. $230

My fiance and I are getting married next summer. We found a wedding band for me with no problems. We're trying to find one for my fiance now, but it's proving to be kind of hard. He wants something simple, but something that is unique and fits his personality. Most of the men's wedding bands we're finding look very similar to each other and kind of plain, so nothing is really catching his eye so far. Oh, and we're also trying to do this without breaking the bank! 😛

-Erin R.

Hands down, my FIRST suggestion is to check out Gemvara. It's actually ALWAYS my first suggestion when someone wants to find unique wedding bands options.

Inspired by Erin's question, I took a fun trip over to Gemvara's website and started to create some of my favorite affordable men's wedding band designs, starting with the one pictured above.

The Talon ring is one of the coolest, most bad-ass wedding bands you can get for $277. But this ring with claws is just a taste of the designs and custom choices Gemvara has in store. Wanna see my the rest of my favorite men's wedding bands with a little WOW factor?…

Warp & Weft band. $805
Warp & Weft band. $805

One of my favorite things about Gemvara is that you can customize all their rings. I made their Warp and Weft band even warp-ier and weft-ier by using two different golds (rose and white) to show the amazing craftsmanship of this ring. I am quite enchanted by the way the rose gold weaves around the white gold. So purty.

mens sterling silver ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
The “Two roads” band, in silver and gold. $730

You can also customize diamonds and gem stones in certain designs. I love this silver “block band” with black onyx:

Block band: $275
Block band: $275

I love the Mobius band for simplicity with a unique (and nerdy!) twist. And they start at $185!

Mobius band in silver: $185
Mobius band in silver: $185

Speaking of nerdy, if your guy is a music geek, check out the Guitar band. Theater geek or just has a flair for the dramatic? What about the Bacchus band? They have something for bike-lovers and people who are attracted to great architecture.

Slot Ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
The Slot ring with black onyx.

The Slot ring is one of our most favorite designs AND it's one of the most affordable — starting at $174! Unique and cost effective — this is why I heart Gemvara.

Now head over to Gemvara and get to designing YOUR perfect wedding band!

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