Offbeat Bride Tribe member Corinne inundated the tribe with some of the fabulous DIY projects that she and her fiance have been making for their wedding. We were really delighted by her twist on on Naomi's ornament/lights bouquet. Corinne made it her own by adding some awesome crocheted flowers to the mix!




Thanks Corinne for this new twist on an old favorite! And to see how to make your own light-up ornament bouquet, click here

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Comments on Corinne’s light-up, ornament, crochet bouquet

  1. You are amazing! For those who don’t know, this is just a sample of how creative Cori is. Mad props, Cori!

  2. Hehe! You are a creative genius, my friend! So glad I was able to help you fulfill your vision! Yay!

  3. The pictures don't really do them justice, but they're beautiful. That's my crafty daughter!

  4. I love the crocheted flower embellished bouquet but I can NOT find the crocheted FLOWER instructions in the free Corinne's light-up, ornament, crochet bouquet site.

    The SEARCH box does not work, I had to search for over an hour, page by page, with no luck! At the top of this page someone commented: "OBT member Corinne is responsible for this amazing wedding creation (as well as the fabulous crocheted flower embellished bouquet from last week)."
    I looked at the week before this wedding site and could not find the pattern. Someone commented they would have to go see ALL of her (Corinne's) tutorials. The only one I can find is for making the "light up ornament crochet bouquet" which DOESN'T show info on the CROCHET flower! AWWWWW! PLEEEEZE I really want to make that crocheted flower! PLEEEZE help! Thanks, Sleepy "in" Seattle

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