Tribesmaid Jessica81 made these deer cake toppers that are so adorable they make me want to puke, in a good way. Jessica writes, “The one with the excess flowers is ‘me' and the one with the top hat is my darling future wife. 😉 It even turned out that her's is a teensy taller than mine, just like real life… hee hee!”

Oh those tiny little flowers just kill me. 

But nothing compares to that top hat.

And a detail shot for which to appreciate this creation on an even deeper level.

Want some for yourself? Visit Jessica's Etsy shop to check out some of her other amazingly creative stuff.

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Comments on Jessica’s Handmade Deer Cake Topper

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!! and different too. Its cool and hip to have something different for the cake top…. I am using a christmas ornament for mine. COngrats to the couple!!

  2. So. Frickin. Cute. I want to make something in the style of these! (Not for a wedding, just because..)

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