Are online prenuptial agreements a good idea for making your marriage stronger?

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After witnessing the icky circumstances around my sister-in-law's divorce, my future spouse and I agreed that having a prenuptial agreement was the greatest gift we could give to our marriage. Although we knew it was important to draft a prenup with a lawyer, we simply didn't have the budget or time in our schedule. Enter online prenuptial agreements!

Today, my partner and I are in the process of figuring out a postnuptial agreement. Although it's definitely doable, having an online prenuptial agreement like HelloPrenup would have been easier, affordable, and faster. No lawyers needed — you can skip the prenuptial agreement attorney or a family law attorney! If I had known about HelloPrenup back then, my partner and I could have taken care of the important stuff fast so we could get back to the fun parts of wedding planning.

Still on the fence about online prenups? Here are answers to some common questions about getting a prenup online

Let's skip the nonsense about all the old-school bad rap around prenups. Creating a prenup can offer so many wonderful advantages for couples — not just in the case of divorce, but also just as your finances shift during marriage. As you weigh your options, staying informed can help you make the best decision. Below, let's dive into some of the overall benefits of a prenup that benefit both you and your partner.

Is a prenup just about money?

At the end of the day, a prenup is a legal document that provides both parties peace of mind.  Having a prenuptial agreement in place before you get married serves as a “backup” or an “insurance policy” mapping what occurs during your marriage and in the event of a dissolution.

Does getting a prenup mean you're a cynic who's expecting divorce?

LOL, NO. There’s no reason to believe that putting a prenup in place suggests you’ll get divorced. Instead, it really just means you and your partner like the idea of covering your bases.

Think of a prenup as the ultimate adulting certificate.

Ultimately, a prenup serves to remind you that no matter what, you and your partner will both be ok. Even if an unexpected divorce comes your way, you’ve carefully designed the terms of the agreement to ensure both of you are covered, you know what to expect, and everything feels fair.

For many couples, this helps ease tensions and relieves anxiety knowing that they will be going into their relationship with full financial peace of mind!

Can a prenup really protect you?

If a divorce ever does happen, having a prenup in place can make the whole process easier and smoother. In your prenup, you’ll define what is marital property according to the laws of the state you reside in. Some states have “community property” laws, which qualify every asset acquired during the marriage as both partners’ property. Of course, this might not always be the case and can lead to unfair distribution of assets.

A prenup offers couples a chance to clarify plans in advance of getting married, giving you more control over the situation. Ultimately, this leads to less hassle and arguments.

Not only does a prenuptial agreement help provide peace of mind, but it also assures you that you’ll have control over the end of your marriage — instead of leaving it up to your state’s court system. Outlining these terms before before-hand can make the process easier in the long run, avoiding any unnecessary tension. 

Can a prenup actually make your relationship better?

Creating a prenup with your partner can actually help enhance your communication. Right before you get married is the perfect time to set the stage for open communication in your upcoming marriage.

Talking about a prenup with your partner could seem difficult, but it often brings couples closer together.

As you discuss a prenup, you and your partner will have a chance to set expectations for your marriage. Furthermore, you can discuss important topics such as long-term goals, saving and spending, and much more. Prenups get a bad rap for being difficult to discuss, however, they don’t always have to be.

Can prenuptial agreements be signed electronically?

Getting a prenup now saves you time and money in the long run.

While a prenup also helps protect each of you from potential tension down the road, a prenup can make the separation process cheaper as you already have your ducks in a row. 

Traditionally, getting a prenup through a lawyer casn end up being pretty costly. Many couples hire a divorce lawyer to help with their prenups but wow, that can be a bummer. Not only do most divorce lawyers have a hefty hourly rate, but also who wants to go to a divorce attorney before you even get married?

That's why we love the option of getting your prenup online.

On average, divorces can cost around $10,000 depending on state, situation, and if there are children involved. However, a prenup through HelloPrenup only costs $599 and streamlines the process of divorce saving you and your partner time and money (when you’ll arguably need it most as you’re building your new life apart). 

By putting a prenup in place, you mitigate the hefty emotional and financial cost associated with divorce. And? To complete your prenup, you don’t even have to work with lawyers or leave the comfort of your own home.

Starting to think online prenuptial agreements are for you?

As you and your partner consider a prenup, you’ve got many benefits to consider. From enhancing communication in your relationship, to saving time and money, prenups are a great option for couples of every type.

How do you draft a prenup?

Historically, most engaged folks don't like even thinking about a prenuptial agreement. Who wants to talk about divorce and all the boring word salad around division of property and financial obligations before the wedding even happens?

Listen, I GET IT. I'll take the goddamn Cha Cha Slide over sitting at a law firm and pretending to even understand the legal advice spewing at me (I despise the Cha Cha Slide only because I literally cannot do the steps).

Thinking about the event of a divorce is not a sexy part of wedding planning. But thinking ahead about your financial future as a married couple and as individuals is pretty damn hot (and responsible!). And getting an online prenuptial agreement without having to put on your nice pants and go to a lawyer's office? Oof, somebody get me a cold shower STAT!

Learn more about how an online prenup can benefit your marriage at HelloPrenup.

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  1. I persuaded my man early in our relationship that a prenup cost the same as an engagement ring, and was a better investment in our future. (He still wants to get the ring, bc tradition.) Anyway we have talked finances and bank accounts and investments and debts, there may be real estate or inheritances, so a solid conversation makes sense in our case.

    The other week, I got bored and typed it all up. Ideas about asset management, marriage life logistics and post-marriage division. We have had many talks over the last few years, and more intensely in the last six months. And yet, when I showed him my draft, there were still two major things that I had made incorrect assumptions on! (One, I had misremembered; the other, he had never fully articulated until he saw what he *didn’t* want in writing.)

    The written-out agreement was, at its heart, an excellent communication tool and conversation opener. It’s a conversation that is a no-brainer that everyone should have, even if it’s just to understand what each others’ expectations are.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I loved your description of how the document was “an excellent communication tool and conversation opener” — EXACTLY THIS!!! If we’re entering into marriage with bravery and courage, we want to have ALLLLLL the conversations… including this one!

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