5 bridesmaid dresses that could easily become your colorful wedding gown

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Soonlyweds with their hearts set on colorful wedding gowns can all agree their options can often be a bit limited. But once you start thinking outside the box, the world can go from black and white to literally technicolor. And besides, what is a wedding gown, really? Can't ANY colorful gown also be considered a wedding gown? Hold on to your butts as we raise you….colorful bridesmaid dresses? 

After all, why should the bridesmaids/brides folk/adventuring party have all the fun with colors? I mean, we love these bridesmaids all in green…

chicsew bridesmaid dresses photo by Takmia Nelson Photography alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Chicsew bridesmaid dresses in green. Photo courtesy of Tamika Nelson Photography

That’s right, colorful bridesmaid dresses aren’t only reserved for the people in the wedding party! They can make lovely wedding guest attire for all genders or, hear us out… wedding gowns

We spent some time browsing through our sponsor ChicSew‘s bridesmaids dresses, dreaming of which could make for gorgeous colorful wedding gowns… and then we went even further down the rabbit hole and paired them with wedding themes! 

Heads up, the dresses we're showing are just the tip of the iceberg… these folks have SEVENTY COLORS. You can search a variety of styles under your favorite color!

Ready to play dress up with these bridesmaids dresses that could easily be colorful wedding gowns? 

Space Wedding 

Listen if we were throwing a Xenon Girl of the 21st Century themed wedding, this long burnt orange satin bridesmaid dress would be our first pick as a wedding gown. Honestly, we can see this fit working for any space-themed celebration, like a Star Wars wedding. OMG and this would look so dope with a blue light saber bouquet! Or imagine wearing this to your local space center and convincing tourists you work there. We’d listen to anyone wearing this sexy burnt orange number, honestly. Come on, the shoulder detail screams très space chic! We’re on a mission to make burnt orange the new colorful wedding dress trend. If you choose to accept this mission, find your favorite fit in burnt orange here. 

Dungeons and Dragons Wedding 

Where our royal blue baddies at? We could see someone rocking this dress at a Dungeons and Dragons inspired wedding. You could go for elven vibes with knee-high strappy sandals, a tiara, and a cape! Or bring out your inner warrior with a bad-ass weapons belt, arm cuffs, or even a sword! The detail in the front is giving total fantasy adventure vibes. Heck, after the wedding, if you don’t plan to wear this to all your DnD tabletop games (um, why not?!), it can sub for black tie wedding guest attire, too! If you’re dreaming of a blue wedding dress in a different style, check out this limitless list of long royal blue satin bridesmaid dresses here

Literary Wedding 

It’s giving Beauty and the Beast, baby! Who wouldn’t look like a fairytale in this long lemon satin bridesmaid dress?! It’s literally a stylish ray of sunshine! We can see this bridesmaid dress as a lemon wedding gown at a literary wedding. Ooh, and you could hold an alternative bouquet like a book bouquet or a floral sculpture bouquet. We could also see this being great wedding guest attire for a formal garden wedding or spring wedding. Plus, off the shoulder is such a classic and romantic aesthetic. For more stylish sleeve options, check out this array of options to look lovely in lemon. 

Minimalist Wedding 

The minimalist wedding has been a trend, and with it comes total terracotta vibes. We love the sexy simplicity of the spaghetti straps and v-neck while this long terracotta satin bridesmaid dress does all the heavy lifting. We imagine this wedding gown up at a chic geometrical altar made of natural wood surrounded by pampas grass, pops of sage, and minimal florals. It sounds so dreamy just thinking about it! Plus, terracotta is just such a stylish color, so you’ll be on trend long after the wedding is over. It's also worth mentioning there are plus size terracotta bridesmaid dresses, too. ChicSew's dresses go up to a UK size 34/US size 30. Although we love that everyone can find a fit, we hope that ChicSew might consider being more size inclusive in their product imagery. You can find all sorts of bodies rocking these colorful bridesmaid dresses on their social. And if you've decided you're totally terracotta, find long terracotta satin bridesmaid dresses for every occasion here. 

Spread the good word far and wide: Colorful bridesmaid dresses are where it’s at, y’all. 

chicksew colorful bridesmaid dresses alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo courtesy of Chicsew

Sure, these are long bridesmaid dresses but they all make for gorgeous colorful wedding gowns or formal wedding guest attire. Plus, who’s gonna know they’re bridesmaid dresses? It can be your little secret (but also it’s a hella juicy wedding hack and you should tell all your friends).

Now that you’re not limited to searching the internet for just “wedding dresses” or “wedding guest attire”, your wedding wardrobe just expanded to include all the colorful possibilities! Seriously, we’re so over searching “What do I wear to a wedding” and only getting shown midi sundresses or khaki pants. In fact, there have been weddings where the couple encourages their guests to have fun picking out their wardrobe. After all, weddings are supposed to be fun (especially the offbeat kind, ey?!).

Once you've figured out your theme and your color, hit ChicSew to find your favorite color in your dream wedding dress style. Fantasy adventure, space themed, or classic, you can't go wrong when you're getting married in COLOR!

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