Now THAT’S a red wedding dress

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red-wedding-dressIf you're going to wear a red wedding dress, you owe it to yourself to have fun with it — like Puck is doing here, as captured by PixieVisionProductions.

Throw up your arms! Throw back your head! Live it up!

And no, I don't know who made the dress — but I can tell you ALL about the boots. They're Fleuvogs — the only heels that I find comfortable.

Oh, and wait until you see what the groom wore

The entire set of photos is over here.

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  1. Ack!! How dare you post a fantastic dress and not tell us where she got it!! 🙂

  2. Oh I feel faint…if ever I've seen a couple that is meant to be together, it's them!

  3. Pixie is a good friend and an amazing photographer. My girlfriend and I are definitely going to have her shoot our wedding. She shot us recently and made us look AMAZING. I highly recommend her and her amazing gifts.

  4. This makes me happy this early morning. I love the way the couple is just so happy and excited to be themselves!! It's wonderful and beautiful. LOVE it. A wedding should be like this.. fun, playful, happy, alive!

  5. Hello everyone! I'm so glad you're enjoying our pictures! As you can see, Pixie is an AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographer and behond than that she's a joy to work with. My family is still talking about how much fun she was.

    • Hey Puck! You guys look awesome. The wedding looked like lots of fun, much congratulations. I see you are not at the Burn (going late in the week maybe?). The Korps is simply not the same without y'all there I'm sure. All the best from me and my girl in Tejas….come on down sometime…..Graham

      • Hey Graham! I'm afraid we took this year off so we could have the wedding. But you will see us at the Burn in future years. Have a great week!

  6. Yay, Puck, representing Vermont! We will have to share Wedding pics after Jay and I say I do on Halloween in red. I Love the monkeys! Richard did an awesome job:)……….xoxox….sarah (the tall redhead Jay was asking if you knew 3 years ago)

  7. Hello Graham! we did wedding instead of Burn this year but I hope you're having a great week.
    Sarah, I heard about your upcoming wedding and can't wait to see the pictures!

  8. It's beautiful!!!! I love the short red hair (mine's long…) and it gives me great ideas for my own hairstyle! I adore the military jacket with the tails too XD

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