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We make no secret of our never-ending ongoing love-affair with John Fluevog shoes. Our publisher has been wearing them since the ’90s, and can attest to how solidly constructed they are. Fluevogs for weddings! Fluevogs for life!

blue fluevog wedding shoes alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Singing the praises of Fluevog wedding shoes

Yes, we do love John Fluevog shoes— we’ve featured so many pairs of Fluevogs on the site that we have an entire archive dedicated to them. I’ve been obsessed with Fluevogs since the ’90s because, unlike most heels, I can actually walk in them. You might be obsessed with them for different reasons… because they’re wonderfully weird? Clunky and amazing? Actually made for being resoled and worn for years? Yes, all these things and more. Also, pro-tip: while Fluevogs are on the higher-priced side of things, you can find some amazing deals on eBay.

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Color gradient dress: from purple to blue to green to yellow to HEAVEN

Remember this cake that I talked about last fall, driving people crazy by inventing the non-word “gradiated”? Well, if that cake was a dress, it would be this flabbergastingly gormendulous (MAKING UP WORDS!) dress that Laura wore to her wedding.

black wedding boots alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A blue-haired video game designer marries an IT genius

Faye, a video game designer, and Ryan, an IT genius, got married in Faye’s hometown of Eugene, Oregon. These two were all about having a relaxed day with a twist — the wedding decor, attire (including Ryan’s shirt), and cake was themed to match the bride’s electric blue hair! Faye altered her own strapless high-low dress, paired it with knee-high Fluevog boots, and tucked her hair under a a birdcage veil. Thanks to [vendor-heart link=""]Mary Boyden Photography[/vendor-heart] for sending these photos to us!

9302281199 e50d18b7b4 c alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The adorable summer camp wedding that’ll make you say “awww” at least once!

Holy pink fluffy wonder cats! Get a peep at the latest Flickr pool uploads that have been tweaking out our brains in all sorts of fantastical ways. Not only did this wedding have the most “adorable” fashion — fluffy ombre skirt with a pink corset + a dude in a kilt!? — it also had pretty much everything one could want out of a wedding celebration. “Including fire?” you ask. Yes, including lots of fire…

01Denver Wedding Photographer 4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A delightfully macabre Victorian gothic wedding

Molly and James’ wedding at The Gatehouse of Lionsgate Events Center in Lafayette, Colorado is a gothic Victorian feast for the eyes. We’re talking belly dancers, tarot card readers, hula hoopers, and a royal blue gown designed by a Cirque du Soleil costume designer. The macabre theme continued with death tag wedding place cards, black-painted trees, a creep-tastic candy buffet, and a blue and white spider web cake.

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Julie & Paul’s farm fresh and sassy wedding

After two years of life and natural disasters delaying the wedding, these hunter/gatherers finally tied the knot at their own gorgeous home in Nova Scotia. With their own foliage (and some lingerie!) as decor, a doggie ring bearer, a fake roadkill-style menu, an actual seafood dinner, and the kissy-face couple themselves, I don’t even know what you’ll love most. Let’s just go with everything!