Singing the praises of Fluevog wedding shoes

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blue fluevog wedding shoes

Yes, we do love John Fluevog shoes— we've featured so many pairs of Fluevogs on the site that we have an entire archive dedicated to them. I've been obsessed with Fluevogs since the '90s because, unlike most heels, I can actually walk in them. You might be obsessed with them for different reasons… because they're wonderfully weird? Clunky and amazing? Actually made for being resoled and worn for years? Yes, all these things and more. Also, pro-tip: while Fluevogs are on the higher-priced side of things, you can find some amazing deals on eBay.

John Fluevog Womens Gladice Dress Pump on offbeat bride

blue fluevogs on offbeat bride

steinem pump on offbeat bride

Photo courtesy of For The Love Of Vogs. Get the shoes here.
Photo courtesy of For The Love Of Vogs. Get the shoes here.


Della Dress Pump


Ghali Platform Pump

fluevogs on offbeat bride

K2 Dress Pump

white fluevogs offbeat bride

Hadfield Oxford

red fluevogs offbeat bride

Mollie Johnson Dress Pump


Random bonus shoe

rainbow boots.jpg


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  1. Oh I wish I were getting married again so I’d have a reason to buy those stegosaurus shoes. But wait! They’re only $100! My life will be complete!

  2. OMG I thought the blue ones in the featured photo were the best things I’d ever seen, but then…DINOSAUR heels? My baby nephew has a onesie with dinosaur spines (spikes?) on it, and even that isn’t as cute as those shoes!

    Going to go now and see if they sell these at a shop in England (I like to try on first).

  3. I have so many foot issues I can’t even count. The biggest issue is that I have arthritis in my left foot. I am also five feet tall and could use ALL the height I can get from a pair of shoes. I NEVER EVER thought I would find a heel that I could wear for my ENTIRE wedding. But then, thanks to Offbeat Bride I was introduced to Fluevogs. Not only did I wear my something blue shoes for the first look/photos, I wore them down the aisle, throughout the cocktail hour and right up until the last guest left the reception. I danced all night. I am pretty sure I never sat down once in 10 hours. They are pricey, but they are SO worth it. And the best part is, they’re perfect for every day wear as well. I cannot recommend Fluevogs enough.

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