Photos by Nicole Nichols
Photos by Nicole Nichols

Molly and James' wedding at The Gatehouse of Lionsgate Events Center in Lafayette, Colorado is a gothic Victorian feast for the eyes. We're talking belly dancers, tarot card readers, hula hoopers, and a royal blue gown designed by a Cirque du Soleil costume designer. The macabre theme continued with death tag wedding place cards, black-painted trees, a creep-tastic candy buffet, and a blue and white spider web cake. Right after the ceremony, Molly and James had a tarot reading (spoiler: we're thinking gothically ever after is in store!). Nicole Nichols was there to capture all the gorgeousness.


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Comments on A delightfully macabre Victorian gothic wedding

  1. THAT DRESS!!!! That dress might be the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen!

    • And me! My bank balance and the already large stack of boots in my bedroom disagree, but who cares what they think? My boot-lust is in charge of this situation.

    • She had to buy them either via Etsy or E-Bay, I think from someone in Sweden. The original store is located in New York.

      • I actually got them through Raspberry Heels, it’s an online store located in Europe. The shipping and conversion rate was cheaper than buying them online in the US, and I got them in within a week of ordering! I highly recommend Raspberry Heels, they rock!!

  2. I think its the 12th photo down, bridesmaid with the abundance of awesome piercing, her face in the kissing picture, ahahaha love it.
    Love all the colours in these as well, so AWESOME

  3. Holy god is that dress AMAZING! The train is just stunning.

    The whole day looks beautiful!

  4. It was truly an AMAZING wedding to photograph, I love Offbeat brides!!
    P.S. I’ll have to ask the bride where she got those shoes

  5. Hey everyone!! I know you have a bunch of questions so hopefully I can answer them all for you here 🙂 My amazing shoes are Fluevogs, I got them internationally shipped in from Raspberry Heels (because at the time all US and Canadian stores were sold out of the magenta). The dress is 100% silk taffeta, designed and made by my lovely friend Alexandra Lambert. It has a 7 foot ruched train, fully steel boned corset underneath, a fancy dragon-printed fabric bustle and petticoat. Quite the affair to get into, and an affair I never wanted to get out of!! The cake toppers were hand painted by me and my husband Jim, I did the bride he did the groom 😉 If you have any other questions feel free to comment and I’ll answer!

    • Could she make a purple wedding dress ? An how much does they run? I’m trying to get married this summer an would like a dress in that kind of style

      • I’m sure she could, you’ll have to ask her for rates. I can tell you that the supplies alone for my dress were around $1200, her labor would of course be on top of that. Depending on how you would want your dress to look it may take less supplies than mine did. Her contact email is [email protected] 🙂

  6. Wow – just – wow! Congratulations on getting married. I am gobsmacked. (Isn’t that a great word)

  7. this is too amazing for words. you’re gorgeous, the wedding is gorgeous and I can’t get enough of that DRESS!!!

  8. I normally don’t post on these, even if I think the wedding is gorgeous or if it’s not quite to my taste. I have to say, this bride is GORGEOUS, absolutely stunning. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the flaming red hair/creamy white tatted skin/royal blue AMAZING dress or if it’s the confidence she’s using to pull it off, but it was a great option.

    Of course, the wedding looked like tons of fun, but I can’t get past the amazing bride!

  9. This wedding(and the bride, her dress, her hair, her big blues!) is gorgeous!

  10. Where did you get those amazing toe tag place cards? I MUST have them! They are amazing and perfect for my Addams Family BBQ Wedding Plus Frying Station.

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