Wrestle power from the government with this blessing for your nonlegal wedding

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 | Photography by Jenny Jimenez
Photo from Molly & Laurie's Island Outdoor Lesbian Yes-We-Can Wedding by Jenny Jimenez

I was browsing through Molly and Laurie's wedding photos and came across an officiant's blessing that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The couple said their vows in Washington before the state had legalized gay marriage, and their celebrant closed the ceremony with this statement:

“By the power unlawfully seized by me in defiance of the State of Washington's laws prohibiting marriage equality, it is my great pleasure to declare you MARRIED!” -Roxanne, celebrant and friend of the couple

Did you NOT just go, “Whoa,” sort of under your breath right there? I've reread that shit like 15 times now, and I'm still getting chills. While it's true that the majority of US states have legalized gay marriage by now, I think the issue is all the more painfully relevant for those states that still don't have it. To my brides and grooms getting married out there in a state that's not quite into your wedding yet, may I encourage you to steal this incredibly powerful closing statement? GO FORTH AND CONQUER WITH YOUR LOVE.

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  1. Ooh, I love it. But I hope no one steals the wording… because I hope that in the next month, no one will have to!!

  2. I might use this for our non legal handfasting! Sadly in the state of Mississippi you cant legally get Married until your 21.

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