Tribesmaid Revedehautbois and her groom Olawale had a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony that included these amazing outfits (and gorgeous fan). This photo was a great find in the Offbeat Bride Tribe, and that wasn't all there was to see. The Tribe, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Flickr pool were totally kind to us this holiday week. Enjoy!


1st look




Hair Detail



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Comments on A Nigerian ceremony, lip-trembling first looks, and some amazing hair

  1. Oooohh, has there been a theme week of traditional weddings from other countries? The Nigerian one sounds very interesting!

    • I’m not sure we have enough submissions to do a whole week, but the bigger issue for me editorially is that when, in past, we’ve focused on more traditional weddings from other countries, we’ve dealt with accusations of cultural insensitivity — ie, “are you suggesting that another cultures’ traditions are somehow offbeat/weird!?” That’s why, while we loves us some international weddings, I’m a little gun-shy about making it themey.

      • I’m always interested in reading about intercultural weddings (even before we were planning ours). I think they end up being somewhat offbeat by definition because you need to figure out how to blend traditions and/or adapt traditions from one culture to work with the other(s).

        So, I’d say our engagement ceremony wasn’t offbeat because it was Nigerian. It was offbeat because the bride’s family is supposed to plan & host it, but my husband’s family did instead since they were the ones who knew the traditions. Or because it normally takes place in the same weekend as the wedding & we had ours a week apart so that one could be where we grew up & the other could be where we live now (both of which happen to be in the US, so we’re not actually an international wedding).

  2. Makes me happy to see that we aren’t the only people to do a traditional betrothal ceremony. We didn’t have any fancy outfits, but our moms got to smash a couple plates!

    • Cool. I’d be really interested to hear more about that. Was it a tradition that you were familiar with before doing it? (Neither my husband nor I had been to an engagement ceremony before ours.)

  3. They all look like having a great day, i had plenty of bubbles at my wedding and the guests loved it, it was almost as if they were children playing with the bubbles!

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