Preserve your bouquet (or any special flowers) in an ornament

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Susie had a bouquet that was collecting dust and getting sadder by the day. In an attempt to preserve the bouquet and find a way to display it, the dried flower bouquet ornament was born. While this is a great fit for those who have a floral bouquet on hand, any flowers that you collected (or received from a special someone) would be a fit for this project.

You'll need an ornament that's got a pretty big opening and will hold a fair bit of flora. Dry your flowers (here's a how-to!), trim them into smaller buds and pretty pieces, insert into the clear ornament, and that's it: instant holiday decor with a whole lot of extra meaning. You can see more photos over at Ruche Blog.

Photo by Photography by Susie

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  1. You can also do this with your wedding invitation, which is great for people like me who had a bouquet made of artificial flowers.

  2. I did this with my bouquet! My biggest worry was that I didn’t want to cut up some of the bigger flowers into pieces small enough to fit into the top opening, so instead I found clear plastic ornaments that broke apart into two halves (similar to these – and then once I filled them with the flowers, I super-glued them shut. My husband and I hung two of the ornaments that I made on the tree together and I gave another two to my parents and in-laws. Such a great memento!

  3. I did something similar but with the wedding cards. I had a heart hole puncher and made confetti with it and put it in a clear ornament.

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