These ARE the cupcakes you’re looking for

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Star Wars cupcakes. Funfetti cake prepared and decorated by friends using Williams Sonoma Star Wars cupcake picks. Star Wars prints by Handz shop on Etsy.

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    You should come up with a whole collection of weddings with Funfetti cake/cupcakes.

    • I had funfetti cupcakes at my wedding!

      Funny part is, when my mom asked what flavor cupcakes she should make, my dad was like “Funfetti! It’s her favorite” =D

      Love how my dad instantly knew. Funfetti cake ftw.

  2. I did a Han Solo and Leia photo with a bride and groom. We used a chalkboard. The bride’s chalkboard said “I love you” and the grooms, “I know” It was funny. The bride and groom had no idea what was going on until I let them look after we took photos.

  3. Yay! My boutonnieres! (and finally learning how to spell that dang word after typing it so often!)

  4. Love the headpiece! It’s incredibly pretty. <3

    Also, my inner nerd is excited over the Star Wars cupcakes. XD

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