Crash this geeky, Star Wars-themed, nerdstravaganza wedding at the Jim Henson Studios

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All photos by Juicebox Media (except for when they're from my iPhone)
All photos by Juicebox Media (except for when they're from my iPhone)

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter may remember that I got to crash Offbeat Bride Jennifer and her husband Ryan's wedding at the Jim Henson Studios here in LA. Well, Jennifer and Ryan's pictures are in, and I want you to re-live the wedding crashing goodness with me.

Come with me to see the geektastic wedding details that'll definitely cause a pleasant disturbance in the Force. Dramatic and even downright dirty photos with Stormtroopers, dancing droids, geek-themed cocktails, and Star Wars-themed chicken and waffles (Marvel, Star Trek, Buffy, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Muppets and Doctor Who) are just a few of the nerdy details you're about to encounter with me…

2Q7A7589_Jen+Ryan_rHow gorgeous are all the ladies (troopers not included, they weren't ladies). The bridesmaids all wore ModCloth dresses.

IMG_8699_Jen+Ryan_rNot to be outdone by the ladies, here are the groomsmen looking dapper in their suits, and LEGO mini fig boutonnieres.

Oh, silly me, I forgot to introduce you to my wedding date! He's in prime condition, a real bargain.Oh my goodness, how rude of me… I haven't introduced you to my date! I met this very cute guy at the wedding — he's in prime condition, a real bargain.

star wars wedding seatingWhen guests came into the ceremony they were told to “sit or sit not, there are no sides.” And the aisle was lined by lit-up lightsabers.

IMG_8483_Jen+Ryan_rTheir vows were the perfect blend of geeky and sweet. Here is a peek at Jen's vows (she had me at the Game of Thrones reference):

From the moment I first told you “I love you,” and you said “I know.” (And that was it. True story.) I knew that this and you were something different — something unexpected — and everything I never knew I needed. You are my best friend, my sun and stars, my teammate for life. So know that I make these promises to you with everything that I am, and can only be with you.

And Ryan paraphrased a quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Jennifer's favorite TV series ever) in his vows:

Let me tell ya' something: When it's dark, and I'm all alone, and I'm scared, or freaked out or whatever, I always think, ‘What would Jen do?' You're my hero. Okay, sometimes when it's dark and I'm all alone, I think, ‘What is Jen wearing?'…

jennifer and ryan and meganThen those lightsabers that were used to line the aisles were raised for a grand exit. (Psst: If you look to the left, I'm the one excitedly live Tweeting this event to all of y'all.)

photo 2 copyOnce at the reception, the guests were treated to drinks at the wedding “Mos Eisley Cantina” bar. My date and I enjoyed it very much.

OQ1A8185_Jen+Ryan_rSpeaking of my date, here he is being hit on by the bride, I think. She was saying something about him being her “only hope.” Mmmm hmmm…

House skywalker tableAnyway… the reception tables were all separated into different nerdy “houses,” complete with custom chargers (that doubled as favors) and coordinating centerpieces.

How many geek houses can you spot?These were the place cards that directed each guest to their proper house table. How many geek symbols can you recognize?

photo 4On those napkins were napkin wraps explaining all the houses, and tucked inside is their wedding menu that was super-entertaining.

so you made it to the reception

So you made it to the reception…The charger in front of you (marked with your designated house) has been issues to you as a momento of your mission. The bride and groom are sleeper agents. Unlike other couples (triggered by clinking glasses), their trigger to kiss is ONLY by singing songs that contain the word LOVE.

Things to do:

  • Grab some props and get a group shot in the photo area.
  • Snap a picture with a Stormtrooper.
  • Visit the other tables and ask your fellow guests about their house.
  • Instagram. Tweet. Get social. #MissionMatrimony
  • Get your grub on. (Menu on reverse.)
  • Ask SoCal natives how they eat chicken and waffles.

star wars chicken and wafflesOh yes, that read chicken and waffles… for dinner… at a wedding. But not just any chicken and waffles — Wampa waffles and Mustafar fried chicken. This wedding crasher was stoked.

IMG_8780_Jen+Ryan_rOh, they also had a “Ham Solo carving station.” I'll never get over how clever they got with the food names, and now all my meals ever since have just depressed me with their lack of geeky puns.

OQ1A8708_Jen+Ryan_rFor dessert, Jennifer and Ryan didn't just serve pie. No… they served pies displayed on a the Star Ship Enterpies. Cute story: The amazing wedding planner Rebel Belle Weddings showed this creation to Jennifer and Ryan when they told her they wanted to do a Star Trek pie display. When Jennifer and Ryan contacted the Enterpies maker to find out how to make one themselves, the dude just mailed it to them to use! Nerds love nerds in love.

IMG_8759_Jen+Ryan_rAs the night wore on, the newlywed couple was announced, proudly raising their his-and-hers whiskey glasses. Then dancing happened to the geek-themed song list (Jennifer and I sang songs from Buffy the musical), speeches were given, tears were shed, laughs were laughed, Stormtroopers were asked to help the catering staff for funzies, and then this happened…

photo 1 copyYup, that's me bending over, and making Miley tongue face, while a Stormtrooper spanks with me a Stormtrooper-shaped spatula. Look, drinks were had… dares were made concerning embarrassing photos and Stormtroopers… and I'm not the most subtle wedding crasher.

OQ1A8578_Jen+Ryan_rSome couples have first dances, others have first lightsaber battles… Jennifer and Ryan did both, by the way.

IMG_8812_Jen+Ryan_rOh oh! I almost forgot… the lighting decor. See those paper lanterns? Jennifer and Ryan custom-made all of them to look like freaking planets.

OQ1A8772_Jen+Ryan_rEven though I was an official wedding crasher, Jennifer and Ryan made me feel like an official part of the family. Would you believe that even as the managing editor of Offbeat Bride, I don't get invited to many weddings? This wedding was all-the-more special for me — a rare opportunity, a unique blend of geek party awesomeness, free booze, and I got to make a new pair of friends!

OQ1A8166_Jen+Ryan_rJennifer submitted her wedding profile, so hopefully you will be hearing even more about this event that was, in her words “a great and fun representation of us and our geek loves, yet an elegant tribute to our relationship and the seriousness with which we took the day.” Plus you'll get to peep a whole bunch of new pics!

Whose wedding should I crash next?

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  1. I love it when you all crash weddings! If you’re going to be in Minnesota this summer, you’re totally invited to crash mine!

    It’s not going to be as craze-balls nerdy as this one, though – they really hit it out of the park (solar system?)!

  2. I. Die. Considering R2 and Buffy are basically my favorite things on the planet…I just….I can’t even. the most amazing amazingness I have seen.

  3. That’s it. I’m out. No way I can beat this.

    EVERYTHING about this is SO AWESOME. Good golly. I think I’m going to pass out.

  4. If you are in SoCal on July 5th you’re totally welcome to crash our fire sculpture garden wedding! OBB has been such a reassuring resource for me planning this I’d be honored to have you there. 🙂

      • Our venue is awesome! It’s a private garden gallery (Called The Fire Garden) for a local artist who does fire sculptures (iron sculptures that light on fire) and he rents it out for events in addition to using it to show off his artwork. It’s is absolutely stunning as the sun sets and all of the sculptures are lit! I can’t figure out how to email you privately but I’d be happy to send you an invitation (Though I guess that’s not quite the same as crashing.)
        Hopefully this link works, but it’s a google maps interactive walkthrough of the venue at night.

  5. This is a pretty cool wedding and looks like everyone had a good time!! Congratulations!!

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