Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

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Source: via Bisola

Our first natural Black hair post was kind of a hit, so planning a part deux was a no-brainer. I raided the Pinterest boards of Bisola and a few others since they obviously know how to wreck shit with amazing natural textures. Seriously, there is a ton out there for rockin' the curls and kinks. Here are some of my favorites.

Source: via Bisola
Love the swoopy bangs. Source: via Bisola
This sleek style offers such a good canvas for accessories. Source: via Bisola
So soft! Source: via Bisola
Look at these two cuties. Bow-ties and curls. Source: via Bisola
432432c9f395d36fe9a02b529840b73e alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Another couple, both sporting natural curls. Source: via Bisola
Braids make everything awesome-er. Source: via Bisola
Kim & Greg's Hitching
I pulled this one from our own archives! Kim rocks her natural texture with a little birdcage.

Anyone inspired by these looks and tempted to go au naturel for the wedding?

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Comments on Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

  1. Gah! All of these are so beautiful. So many fabulous curls. Unfortunately my natural texture is just thick, frizzy white-girl hair. Bleh.

    • Have you considered tapping into some of the things napturals use to tame their hair. You never know, it may work for your lovely locks as well. I’m a naptural woman, and the natural things I put in my hair would be good on any hair. You just have to use what works for you… A curly is a curly, no matter the color of her skin.

      • This is good advice. I am part Italian, and my hair is GIANT and thick and curly, and almost every product that actually works on it is marketed to Black women. It confuses a few salespeople – “We usually recommend that for ethnic hair” – but it works like a charm 🙂

        (I use AVEDA, BTW, and their Brilliant line is really, really good for hard-to-tame hair.)

      • I have the opposite hair type- very flat and straight, but a lot of the same techniques and products do wonders for my hair type as well. I’m a big fan of ethnic hair care products.

    • I feel ya, but add “15 years of extreme chemical over-processing and heat styling” to the mix. I’ve found Beadhead products (curls rock spray in particular) helps with the frizz along with Alterna Bamboo products. Plus the Alterna stuff smells amazing (think a girlie version of Polo Black)and is everything-free fair trade and all that jazz if you’re an eco-mentalist.

      • I’m not even sure about why they call it ethnic hair…. Seems everyone with an ethnicity would have ethnic hair…. Sooo…. Then…. I guess all hair is ethnic and GORGEOUS! Lol

        • lol and yes. The first time I heard some trying-to-be-tactful saleslady say it, I confess I didn’t know what she meant!

        • technically, ethnic hair is used to describe all types of curly/kinky hair, not just black hair. i have no idea why folks don’t just call it curly/kinky/whatever.

      • @Andrea- Sounds the same as many black women who relaxed for years. A little TLC, accompanied by a good routine and proper products (natural or otherwise) will revive any hair! BTW- Alisa is right… I looooove Aveda.

    • i’m a white cosmetologist, but most of my experience has been with ethnic hair. my momma, who is italian has has giant curly hair, uses lots and lots of hair products marketed towards ethnic hair. if it works, it works! also, i don’t know if you’ve looked into deva curl, but people really seem to like it!

  2. Offbeat Bride does it again! Thanks again for showcasing natural hair. This natural girl is feelin’ the love.

  3. OMG, I remember the last bride, Kim. I love her hair (and her fabulous dress). Thanks for showcasing these natural styles, love OBB.

  4. That third to the last one is how I plan on wearing mine. I had some friends suggest fro-ing it out, that’s just too hot no matter what the season!

  5. absolutely gorgeous.
    I never pass an amazing afro and NOT comment on it…i say keep it, oh yes! <3

  6. I love this post!! I love when people with natural black hair grow it out and do beautiful things with it, like these photos. Love it! 😀

  7. gorgeous! i’d love to see more posts about natural textures in general. I have big and wildy curly hair and i’m trying to resist the urge to straighten it on the wedding day.

  8. I love it when people WORK their natural texture, whatever it is. Hair baffles me, but I’m always inspired by people who just figure out what works for them and own it.

    • *runs home to put her superfine hair in loads of pincurls and then be sad when it ends up looking nothing like all this gorgeous hair*

  9. Le sigh. And this is why I love OBB. Going to be trying a few of these styles for every day looks- I love the swoop bang and twist out bantu curls (at least, that’s how I plan on getting the curls in #5)

  10. The stunning woman in the fifth picture down with the feather earrings! I don’t usually swoon over gals, but catch me – I’m falling!

  11. I hope the people in the first photo are a real couple because they are flipping gorgeous together! Her hair is so beautiful.

  12. So much awesomeness! My pin-straight ultra-boring hair is so jealous of all those ladies and their awesome ‘dos.

  13. Thanks for showcasing natural black hair. As a black bride with natural hair, it is SO HARD to find ideas for hairstyles. Most bridal websites are geared towards white women and don’t have many options for me. This is so awesome.

  14. from what I am reading, everyone agrees, these women are gorgeous……so jealous! very awesome hairstyles…all of their looks are to be envied ^.^

  15. Mannn, I have the boringest wavy “white girl” hair and what I wouldn’t give to have hair like those cuties with the bow ties! I like the one a bit further down of the girl with the braided bangs…I can’t do ANYTHING like that with my hair. So envious (in a good way!)

  16. LOOOOOVE them all!! I’m in a particular swoon over the photo – the sun shining through their curls. 🙂

  17. Can someone do an article on “non ethnic” curly hair? (Like Bernadette Peters or young Kerri Russell) I mean, my hair’s pretty curly, but it can’t reach the heights that these girls’ can! One time, I asked a stylist to “showcase my curls”. She then proceeded to straighten my hair and recurl it with a curling iron.

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