Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

So I had the esteemed honor (and OMG sweet freaking luck) of shooting the very first wedding ever held at the Jim Henson Co. lot in Los Angeles. Here are some of my favorite shots of Luke and Suzanne's Muppet wedding — well, from the photos I've edited so far!

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Charlie Chaplin + wedding dress = amazing

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Mom helping with the dress.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Oh and did I mention that they had matching bride and groom muppets? Yeah, what kind of muppet wedding would this be without muppets!? And Suzanne had the “health insurance heart” made as a surprise for Luke. So… SURPRISE LUKE! πŸ™‚

Picture 2
I could do a post on their centerpieces alone. Each one had a different nerdy/movie/pop-culture reference with corresponding photos of the two of them in character.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
The bridal party.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingLuke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Oh yeah, I also rented this RIDICULOUS fisheye lens. So be looking forward to more funky fisheye photos, using it for the dancing was my favorite.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
The ceremony begins…

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingLuke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingLuke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
The WE DID IT! moment alone.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingLuke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Their favors were ring pops and customized dice.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingLuke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingLuke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
The ring pops were a real hit.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
They had an In & Out truck for their dinner!

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Their wedding cake was based on the battle scene on Hoth in Star Wars with the biggest freaking AT-AT I've ever seen. And if you look closely, Luke modified the cake knife to have a light saber handle…

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
I also shot some of my favorite first dance photos EVAR.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
The Jim Henson Co. in full swing.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Stay tuned for more photos! Until then, here's a video of the Luke and Suzanne muppets singing the Beatles…

Luke and Suzanne turned the screening room into a place for their guests to play Beatles Rock Band — silliness ensued.

Oh and as an added bonus, here are some goofy photos of the Finleys…

Aaron + Muppets
Aaron fits right in amongst the company of Muppets.

Fisheye Megan
Me at the wedding, always the professional.

Meet our fave wedding vendors

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  1. Oh, to have been in attendance at that wedding! I can’t wait for the write-up!!!

    • I know! I kept asking Megan, how did we get so freaking lucky!?! The wedding was awesome and the couple was even cooler!

  2. Guh. If I was drinking soda, the awesomeness would have made it come out my nose.

  3. Oh my God that wedding just invented a whole new class of awsomeness. !!!!! must see more !!!!!

  4. It’s so awesome/weird to see pictures of my own wedding on OBB after having drooled over so much amazing wedding porn here over the past year and being inspired by so many other couples! Squee!

    Major props to Megan for these beautiful photos, and for generally geeking out with us on the big day! We couldn’t have asked for a better photography team.

    Fun fact…that Gremlin is signed by Joe Dante, and was the first birthday present Luke ever got me. A mutual love of Gremlins 2 a happy marriage makes!

    • Okay, where did you get that beyond-awesome fascinator? Because I need it. I really do. (I’m a huge comic nerd and I have a passion for all those awesome sound effects words)

        • When i saw that fascinator I knew it must have been one of hers, as i’m looking at doing something similar in red and black for my comic book/nintendo themed wedding πŸ™‚

  5. I love that building–it was originally charlie chaplin’s–I was there recently for a whiskey tasting, but would’ve never thought of a wedding there! Great venue choice, and I second the AWESOME fascinator! One of my best friends has a tattoo just like it πŸ™‚ Most of all, I love that you managed to show that wacky/fun and simple/elegant aren’t mutually exclusive!

  6. OMFG.
    My friends used “Somebody’s Getting Married!” as one of their songs during the ceremony, and I was literally bouncing in my chair because I EFFING LOVE the Muppets! Seriously, I adore them. I grew up on a hefty diet of Sesame Street, and I am totally and completely in love with Kermit the Frog. πŸ™‚

    • We worked lyrics from “Somebody’s Getting Married” into our vows (“He’ll make me happy each time I see him,” etc.), Muppets Take Manhattan is far and away my favorite muppet movie!

  7. Dude. Dude. Dude. Duuuuuude. Whoah. So much awesomeness in one place my head don’t work.

  8. This is how you know this is an incredible wedding – I showed the page to my fiance, and he laughed out loud and said “Can we just steal THEIR wedding??”

  9. This is probably my favorite wedding I’ve seen on OBB so far. AMAZING! The Muppets have a special place in the hearts of my fiancé and myself. I LOVE THIS!
    Also, is that a Dolly Couture dress?

    • Gosh, thanks!

      The dress is Stephanie James Couture, highly recommended if you’re into tea length dresses and/or colored crinolines.

      • I am into both! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your AMAZING wedding.

  10. SO AMAZING! I would love to see each and every centerpiece too!

    And may I just say, the picture with their muppets making out in the background same as they were…made me smile so hardcore!

  11. GAH!!!! LOVE! I interned at Jim Henson Studios the summer after I graduated from college and I’ve always dreamed of having a wedding/reception there. So happy to have seen somebody actually do it! It’s a great location!

  12. Three cheers for f***ing In N Out!! I moved away from California four years ago and I miss it EVERY. DAY.

    This wedding was just… awesome.

  13. This wedding has SO… MANY… THINGS I LOOOVE. Congrats to the kickass couple!

    PS Every wedding I see done by Megan makes me happy I booked her as my photographer for my (almost) Halloween wedding next year!

  14. I absolutely love this wedding. The three things I think I geeked out the most for were:
    The birdcage veil: my fiance is a comic book artist. When I saw the veil I kept yelling “Honey, look! It’s so cool!”
    The dress. So cute, but if you click on the designer’s store, it’s ALL cute. I didn’t even like tea length until after today.
    The invitations. What a great sense of humor.
    I posted a link to this on FB and I’ve been getting comments about it all day. Everyone loves this wedding. Congrats and thanks for sharing to the couple.

  15. I showed this to my Jim Henson obsessed FH…our wedding is two months away and he wants to scrap the whole thing in order to clone this one!

  16. oh my god love. In’n’out? muppets? Pow headthinggieeee. her DRESS is just MAGIC. I love these people and want to marry them ;D

  17. Luke & Suzanne – Have I told you lately that I love you??

    Megan – You know what? I love you too! These are awesome!

  18. Oh oh oh so so so awesome. Every time i have ever driven by that place i have melted a little inside.

    These guys might be the coolest couple on the planet!

  19. I LOVE THIS! I swear my husband sometimes IS a Muppet. πŸ™‚ Where did you guys get the custom ones?

    • Hey! FAO Schwartz in NYC has a muppet whatnot workshop, where we got the muppets made, and then customized them with our wedding clothes (and a moustache, for Luke). They’re actually pretty reasonably priced, considering the quality, but the only catch is that you can’t order them online. You may be able to get them to mail you a packet and order over phone, I was lucky that my sis lives there and could order them in person!

  20. beautifully wonderfully awesome. I esp. love her dress too, that little pop of tulle. πŸ™‚ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEA.

    • Hey Vicky,

      Technically, Luke should be replying to this, as he was the one to slavishly put all of these together, but I can give you the basics.

      We knew we wanted each centerpiece to have some commonalities in terms of design (cheap white lazy susans via amazon, Crate and Barrel lucite photo frames…which were a little pricy but we smartly repurposed as gifts for family members who helped out with the wedding). We knew early on that we were going to theme each of the tables around one of our favorite media properties, and we already had pictures of us in many of the costumes, and many of the toys/props you see in Megan’s fab pics came from our personal collection. So, it was just a matter of making costumes/taking pictures for some tables (e.g. you can see me having issues keeping my cardboard Wario ‘stache on, that was thrown together quickly), and tracking down some toys online over a 6 month period.

      Once we had everything, Luke designed an icon/logo for each table (also used for the favors/place cards), and put together the centerpieces. There were some balance issues, and some of the toys were damaged a bit from having to be attached to the centerpiece with epoxy, but otherwise it was all pretty easy. It definitely helps if you already have many of the raw materials available! Hope that helps!

  21. This wedding makes me smile from ear to ear…everything about it is hands-down KICKASS and so much fun.

  22. LOVE your dress!!! Don’t suppose you want to sell it? πŸ˜‰

  23. The muppets making out cracks me up! This is awesome, I’m a muppet fan.

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