Monday Montage: colors, fairy bridesmaids, plus the most amazing rear-view of a dress EVAR

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Well, ladies and gentleman, it's that time again: time for me to share some of my favorite pictures from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool with all of you. Happy Monday Montage! This weeks doesn't really have a theme but there are lots of bright colors, a few fairy dresses and a couple beach weddings.
Check out Rhiannon in this ridiculously gorgeous rainbow skirt. Rhiannon & Graham had a faery/viking/folk metal wedding in a freakin' castle.

And look how colorful her fairy bridesmaids are! I'm drooling. I hope we can share more details on this wedding with you soon.

Look how dashing Kerry & Jeremy look. Their wedding theme involved pink and leopard. Incredible! I just love how the hot pink roses match Jeremy's tie perfectly.

And check out their hot pink bridesmaids. So fierce. I love the leopard, pink and tattoos! I kind of think these ladies need to wear these hot pink dresses ALL THE TIME!

First dance - funky chicken style
OMFG! Get this, Cat & JP danced the funky chicken during their first dance. They are officially my new heros!

I love this ribbon veil! I couldn't find many details on Amy & Ian's wedding but I would kill to see more photos.

Sunset photoshoot
Shaun & Lauren had a beach wedding in Florida. How gorgeous does the sky look in this photo? It kind of makes Shaun & Lauren glow!

Etsy Veil Take a closer look at Lauren's bird cage veil. She got it on etsy!

rock pose
Emma & her man Joe look like they just got shipwrecked on a deserted island and I'm not gonna lie but it's kind of turning me on. I absolutely love Emma's dress with the ripped skirt, she looks like a hot fairy/pirate. And look at the shell detailing on their outfits, it totally ties their whole beach wedding theme together.

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Oo la la look at Emily and her dude making time for a quick post ceremony cuddle.

The frock
Seriously, this dress can't even be real! Like, really? Nicole and her husband Glenn live in London but they had a destination wedding in Australia. It looks like they pulled it off without a hitch. Doesn't Nicole look MAJOR!

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Comments on Monday Montage: colors, fairy bridesmaids, plus the most amazing rear-view of a dress EVAR

  1. I just LOVE the back of that dress on Nicole! What a beautiful burst of color! All these bright hues this morning make me feel like I’ve got a mouthful of wedding sherbet. YUM!

  2. I may be wrong, but I *think* that’s a traditional Japanese obi that has been tied over her dress, not a part of the dress itself. 🙂

    • I think it’s made to look like a traditional obi, but if you look at the width of the material around her waist, it looks thinner than the bands in back. Obis are tied higher, and they don’t accentuate the waist like that – they end up being almost perfectly cylindrical.

      Unless someone knows a trick to tying an obi that I’ve never learned (possible).

      • Obis are generally tied in front with half the width (folded in half) and then opened in back when tying the knot to show the full width of the obi. How high the obi sits on the waist really depends on how you tie it – if you look at old Japanese lithographs the style back then was to tie it very high, almost overtop the breasts. These days, it sits a little lower on the torso, generally right at the mid point

        • Actually, old style obis are not folded in half – they are actually made to be half-width and then triangle out like a river delta into the bigger sash for the back. I suppose some could be folded like that but most are pre-made to do that, and not always with doubled fabric.

          To adjust mine I had to have all that stitching taken out – mine had doubled fabric – to make the sash I wanted.

    • There is an amazing wedding designer in Sydney who does these dresses – I have friends who have had their dresses done by them, they used to be called Culture Shock but by the looks of it they have changed their name

      Please note i am in NO WAY attached to Culture Bridal

  3. That’s definately a Japanese obi in the back. They make great sashes, though!

  4. My dress has a very similar detail. It doesn’t pin up (“bustle” if one can bustle an obi) as high because I wanted to keep the pattern of double cranes, and the colors and all that are entirely different, but same idea.

    Obis are very stiff and heavy, and I had mine (a real obi) modified to be lighter and softer by taking out all the stiff semi-quilted fabric in the middle (older obis are made with layers and layers of fabric like quilt padding) and adding just a silk backing. I don’t know if this bride did that or just used Japanese fabric. If it is a real obi, especially an older one, it’d be way to heavy to be tied that way without sagging.

    Either the sash is part of the dress and the back hooks on to create the effect of a full obi (as mine does) or the entire thing was specifically tailored to do that and wouldn’t wrap like an obi on an actual kimono would.

    Either way it looks gorgeous!

  5. Considering the location, I’m guessing that the dress is one of the many creations that Culture Shock offers: You can see the style of dress in their design portfolio entitled “Butterfly Obi & Bustle Wedding Gown”

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