Serve your beverages in mismatched ugly mugs: Muglies!

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This will look familiar to those of you who've read the Offbeat Bride book — one reader borrowed my Muglies idea for her recent wedding, complete with using the explanation copy I wrote to explain the concept to guests. Aww. 🙂

Here are my original Muglies, back in 2004:

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  1. I have no idea what a Muglie means. Is this one of those bride words like “STD” that means something completely different?

    • Meg, muglie = ugly mug

      Ariel’s idea was that each guest chose a Muglie and used it for their drinks during the wedding and then took it home at the end.

    • Oh, it’s definitely NOT a bride word, and most people in the wedding acronym world would be MORTIFIED by the very concept. It’s just a portmanteau word… mugs + ugly = MUGLIES!

  2. Hey! I was at that wedding. I catered the food! It was great!!! She was a beautiful bride and she got great ideas from your book. Kudos!

  3. Well, I have to admit, I too will be using the idea. This is sure to become a trend; guests can drink merrily without the guilt of throwing away a plastic cup at the end of the evening, they can be placed at the table with guests names written on napkins that “bloom” from the mug and act as place settings. Best of all, they complete the task of wedding favors! I’ll be tossing in Hershey’s Kisses to please those who are not too fond of the geese and/or smiley face ceramic weight that has been added to their exit at the end of the evening. So, thank you Ariel! You have started a very hip and eco-friendly trend for the offbeat wedding masses.

  4. We will be doing this in September for our wedding! Thanks Ariel I looove your book, it’s guided me through this crazy planning process!

  5. We’re thinking about doing this for our wedding, but I’m just wondering — how do you clean or rinse the mugs out in between drinks? I love the idea, but I don’t want people to have red wine dribbles contaminating their post-dinner coffee….

  6. We used this at our wedding in September 2010. Ironically enough, the bride & groom forgot to pick up theirs at the end of the day.

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