From political messages to Playstations: more fun groom’s cakes!

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It's that time again! Get your virtual forks out and let's chow down on some more nom-alicious groom's cakes that have been popping up in our Flickr pool! We've got total nerd cakes, cakes with a political message, even a mostly-fake pirate cake made by a bride on the morning of her wedding.

Grooms Cake
GeekyGal explains this grooms cake with a message: “Michigan is a medical marijuana state and Theresa is a cancer survivor. We are also a caregivers to other patients in need of nature's medicine. We are both very active in legalizing medical marijuana.”

Grooms cake
Everyone loves a Millenium Falcon wedding cake. Each character on the cake base represented a groomsmen. Of course Leia with blonde hair and brooch bouquet is the bride and Han Solo with a beard is the groom.

Groom's Cake
Offbeat Bride Beth explains, “This was amazing. People couldn't believe it was really cake. It's a replica of Jay's favorite scotch bottle in white chocolate on a chocolate cake pillow!” I don't know about you, but whenever I hear “chocolate cake pillow” my mouth starts watering.

angry birds groom's cake
Angry birds! Oh yes, the gaming phenomenon has now become a groom's cake from Steampunk Lulu's wedding.

Groom's cake
Here's an amazing Mario-themed groom's cake created by Sweet Lisa's Exquisite Cakes in Greenwich, CT.

PS3 Groomscake
A Playstation so great you can eat it, from Nikki & Chris's Jamaican-American, Southern soul backyard wedding.

Smurf Turf Groom's Cake (It's Orange-Chocolate!)
The bride explains this Smurftastic groom's cake: “We met in the Boise State University Blue Thunder Marching Band. Boise State is, of course, the home of the infamous Smurf Turf. This groom's cake celebrates our mutual interest and the place we met, plus our love for that blue turf and for whimsical fun things.”

Pirate Cake
Tiramisu cake, on the bottom and the top two tiers — totally fake! This was all made by the bride, and the bottom layer was painted at 7am, the morning of the wedding.

Galaga groom's cake
Yes, that is a Galaga groom's cake

The Groom's Cake!!!!
The biggest, most delicious Nintendo controller I've ever seen is from Dustin & Christina's wedding. It also had a cord running around the front of it!

Mary Beth showed off her tombstone groom's cake from their Halloween wedding. Too perfect.

Not gonna lie, I'm terribly jealous of this pedal board groom's cake. In fact, I showed it to my husband and he's even MORE jealous. Grumble grumble … so awesome … grumble .. can't believe I didn't think of this before … grumble grumble …

As the bride, Becky, explained: “When the groom is an iPhone developer, this is the natural choice.”

Rick Roll
All hail Tribe Member Catnippe, who totally rick rolled her groom Martin with this surprise cake. Wait till you see his reaction.

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  1. SO why can’t these be wedding cakes again?
    I LOVE the first one best! And it has given me some ideas THANKS YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!

  2. I’d never heard of grooms cakes before coming on this site. Are they served at the wedding?

    • @eri, My understanding is that they are a Southern tradition (though maybe another commenter can enlighten more). I grew up in the Southern U.S. and have always seen grooms’ cakes. They are more “onbeat” than “offbeat,” I would say. But we are still having one because hey, more cake 😀 .
      And yes I think it’s served at the same time as the wedding cake (“traditionally,” but you should just do what works for your own schedule!).

    • When my husband and I got married, we asked around for what kind of cake people wanted. We got pretty much half and half of white and chocolate, so we did a grooms cake in chocolate and our traditional cake it white. That was our reasoning. 🙂

  3. I was totally sitting through that video waiting for the grooms reaction. And then about halfway through it dawned on me. “Huh. I think I’ve just been Rick-rolled.” That has never happened to me before. Which is clearly why I fell for it. Not because I’m gullible or anything. 🙂

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