Vintage snack: cake noms and 60 years of bliss

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This photo cracked me up, mostly because of the look on the groom's face. Some things never change through each generation. At least she's not smooshing the cake though, just giving him a really large helping. The other great thing about this photo is the bride's unconventional colored dress and what looks to be a pretty awesome corsage. Oh, and the wallpaper. Do want.

Oh and plus… they're names are Bill and Billye! Yay!

Here is what Allison had to say about her NOM-worthy grandparents:

This is William and Billye Ann (Bill and Billye to their friends), my maternal grandparents. They were married August 28, 1950, at the home of the bride's parents in Liberty, Kentucky. She was 18 and he was 21. As you can see, she wore a “regular” dress for the wedding. They went to Chicago for their honeymoon.

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Bill's 80th birthday -- aww!
I love this photo, because it sums up how silly they can be together. They recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. For their 50th anniversary, we threw a vow renewal party for them. They renewed their vows in church (my great-grandfather, then in his late 80s, walked her down the aisle). We had a baker recreate their cake from this photo, and tons of family and friends filled the church hall to celebrate their lives together.

Do you have vintage wedding photos hidden away? Email me! Try to include as much info as you know about the photo, plus your Tribe or personal URL, if you have one.

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  1. Sounds like a great couple who can stay together after so many years!! Congradulations!! Great pictures!

  2. I went to college about twenty minutes from Liberty. Yay, southcentral Kentucky! More importantly: yay, sixty years of marriage!

  3. So cute! Love it. I hope pictures from my wedding (and of course, the marriage) stand the test of time like these folks have!

  4. Absolutely love this! Have to admire any couple who does not give up on their commitment (obviously, loving and respecting each other throughout the years will help on that I’m sure).

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