Monday Montage: make-up, skulls, silly photos, and some fashion!

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Check out some of my favorite photos from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool here, on this week's Monday Montage. This week we have more charming couple photos, an incredible green-blue crinoline, a gorgeous pink-ish red dress with a gold obi, a unicorn filled alternative guestbook, a few Día de los Muertos themed pictures, and a llama cookie topper! And if you're feeling lucky, try clicking on a photo, (or click on the photo if you just want to see MOAR!)

my dress
Look at Jenna, aka. Channamasala‘s fantastic reddish/purple dress — along with its gorgeous golden sash, which she designed herself. The sash is made out of Chinese fabric and a vintage obi. It gets wider in the back and then turns into a long train. Also, if you take a closer look you'll see she's wearing a really cool and funky handmade, green leafy necklace. The perfect contrast to her reddish/purple/(pink?) dress!

A bit more dancing…
This picture proves why red is my favorite color. That red dress Samantha is wearing, is HOT HOT HOT! Look at Samantha and Justin, tearin' up the dance floor. Work it! 😉

our city
How epic is this photo? I'm such a sucker for anything touristy in Seattle. Caitlin & Zach had SOO many adorable photos it was hard to chose only two to share with you…

4964260220 10015e4ee7 z alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo thanks to La Photographie Nashville

Unfortunately, I couldn't find much information on Vickie & Will's wedding, but there was no way I couldn't NOT show you this photo. Their Día de los Muertos makeup is INSANE!!

Cake & Decor
Keeping with the Dia De Los Muertos theme, look at Ana & Wendell's cool cake topper and papier-mâché bride/groom figurines. Skulls everywhere. I LOVE it!

Megan and Daniel Portrait
When shooting weddings, you'd be surprised to learn how many times that Megan and I have to remind the couple, the family and friends to “act like they like each other.” Perhaps Megan & Daniel's photographer forgot to remind them? 😉

Wedding Cookies from Big Truck Tacos
Megan & Daniel opted for wedding cookies from Big Truck Tacos. They added this lovable llama as a cake cookie topper. AHH, I'm such a sucker for llamas. I don't know what it is about these silly little creatures, but I love them!

I love Corinne's hidden, tie-dyed crinoline. Totally wasn't expecting that, but it looks fucking RAD!

our guestbook alternative
Instead of a guestbook, Logan & Corinne had these two pieces of canvas for their friends to decorate. All I have to say is, fuck yeah, unicorns! Rainbows! A pot of gold!

About to get hitched!!!
OHH Frankie you look bananas UH-MAZING! Red lips + cat eye make-up + heart hair thing + blue dress + attitude = retro pin-up deliciousness! I seriously, might die if I don't see more pictures of this wedding soon. I'm already dying over the ten photos she has on her flickr! Her carnival wedding looks absolutely nuts. I love that she carried a pinwheel instead of a bouquet! Also, I have extreme shoe lust over her Vivienne Westwood shoes! Shoot me now.

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  1. Yea! I’ve been away for a while (having been wed in May), but I’m so pleased to see that SamIAm and Channamasala looked so beautiful on their wedding days! It was fun following their planning along with them!

  2. i am in love with the Día de los Muertos makeup! i think i saw this picture somewhere else on the internet that said it was their engagement photo shoot….

  3. All these weddings look amazing! I particularly love Channa’s dress (& obi!) and the tie-dye crinoline.

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