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Who wants some wedding day makeup ideas!? WE DO! Let’s talk wedding day makeup looks, products, tutorials, and more!!

Affordab alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Best affordable wedding skincare from a budget bride

In an effort to be budget-friendly, I ruined my skin with DIY skincare products before my wedding. Here’s how to avoid making my mistake, plus the best products for an easy and affordable wedding skincare routine! The wedding industry often pressures us to spend lots of money to look or feel good, but this affordable wedding skincare routine proved to me that you don’t have to drop fat stacks to feel beautiful on your wedding day.

Dina Douglass of Andrena Photography alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Bridesmaid makeup for your unconventional wedding

Bridesmaid makeup can be natural, glam, mismatched, or minimal. Whatever you choose, our tips will keep it from being a source of stress.

How do you get that flawless yet natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game

How do you get that flawless, natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game

One thing we definitely know about readers of Offbeat Bride: they run the gamut when it comes to the “rules” of wedding makeup. Some go the traditional route of hiring a pro, some do it themselves, and some go totally makeup-free. But we do know that they want to make sure their wedding makeup lasts, looks amazing, and is cruelty-free. And that’s totally why we love partnering with Per-fékt Beauty since they absolutely GET offbeat weddings.

Here’s the sitch on what they can offer you (or your chosen makeup artist!) that will keep your makeup looking gorgeous dahling while lasting ALL day and making you want to wear it forever and ever after.

How about dried flowers + gold foil wedding nail art?!

I am ALL about this gold foil + dried flowers wedding nail art

If I were to describe my current favorite wedding nail art, I think I’d go with a transparent base with dried flowers and gold foil. Oh but WAIT… that exists? And it’s in easy-peasy, non-permanent press-on form? I’m so in. I spied these temporary wedding nails over at Jane Safarian Nail Art, who coincidentally also has a bajillion more styles to choose from. Think chrome ombre nails, holographic nails, pink marble, 3D water droplets, and that dried flower look on black, taupe, and more.

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine (if you need one!)

A wedding skincare routine can be a quite a complex affair, if you’re into that kind of thing (and it’s totally okay not to be!). First, you have to try out the products long enough before you get married to ensure they don’t react with your skin, and then you have to find the perfect blend for your skin.

This post is all about my wedding skincare routine. I wanted to achieve a dewy look without makeup, so I’d built my routine around it. Most of the products I have used are organic and/or natural. I’m also in the U.K. so these products are skewed towards products here, with U.S. versions listed as well. If you’re getting married, it’s always a safer bet to go for products that aren’t too harsh on your skin.

Here are my favorite wedding skincare routine products…

No dieting, no makeup, no shame: My anti-diet, equal opportunity, feminist wedding

No dieting, no makeup, no shame: My anti-diet, equal opportunity, feminist wedding

I’m getting married this July, and like a lot of women, I’m getting increasingly excited and somewhat nervous about this. As someone who is all about equality, feminism, self-acceptance, and patriarchy smashing, there are a couple of things that my impending feminist, anti-diet wedding will not be about. For the sake of any other bride or groom or person who needs a reminder that you’re going to do just fine, here it is…