A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine (if you need one!)

Guest post by Caroline Allen
 | Photography by Caroline Allen
A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one
Photos by Caroline Allen

A wedding skincare routine can be a quite a complex affair, if you're into that kind of thing (and it's totally okay not to be!). First, you have to try out the products long enough before you get married to ensure they don't react with your skin, and then you have to find the perfect blend for your skin.

This post is all about my wedding skincare routine. I wanted to achieve a dewy look without makeup, so I'd built my routine around it. Most of the products I have used are organic and/or natural. I'm also in the U.K. so these products are skewed towards products here, with U.S. versions listed as well. If you're getting married, it's always a safer bet to go for products that aren't too harsh on your skin.

Here are my favorite wedding skincare routine products…

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

Neal's Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash, £17 or ($39 on Amazon for U.S. readers)

Use once in the morning and once in the evening

This facial wash is very calming on your skin. I put this straight onto my face before removing any makeup and give it a real scrub. You only need two pumps to get enough product to clean your face and neck as it foams up quite nicely.

It smells like a spa, so it's always a nice treat on my skin after a day of wearing makeup. I also use one or two pumps in the morning just to give my face a refresh after sleeping.

If I'm wearing a lot of eye makeup, I'll need to remove that with something a little heavier. For this I usually go for Estee Lauder's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, £20 or $20 from Estee Lauder in the U.S.

Neal's Yard Honey & Orange Facial Scrub, £18

Use one/two times a week in the evening

This is like a little miracle pot, but I really don't like the smell; it reminds me of orange medicine. The ingredients are natural and organic, but this is still a scrub, so if you scrub at your face every night you'll break down your protective layers. Use sparingly.

To use, simply mix with a little water (I like to exfoliate in the bath) and scrub your face. It doesn't contain microbeads so there are no harmful pollutants heading down your drain. On the surface, it looks like a pretty fine scrub, but once you get it on your face the rice powder and kaolin mixture give your skin a good old scrub.

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

Neal's Yard Calendula Cleanser, £17

Use once per day in the evening

Ok, ok, I promise this isn't a Neal's Yard advertisement. I just think Neal's Yard is very good for your skin and at a reasonable price point for the quality of ingredients (though challenging to find in the U.S.). This Calendula Cleanser is very gentle. I picked a sensitive cleanser because I've had some quite heavy ones on the past that haven't agreed with my skin.

The blend of calendula and jojoba means that, aside from smelling delicious, it smoothes your skin before you go to sleep. This is more of a cream-based cleanser, and typically to get a dewy finish I'd go for an oil-based one, like Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm, £39 (or $60 on Amazon) but I've run out and felt like trying something different. So far, so good. One of its main ingredients is coconut oil, so, even though it feels creamy, I presume the oil base is what helps with the dewy effect.

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

Origins ‘A Perfect World' Age-Defense Treatment Lotion, £24 (or $25 from Origins U.S.)

Use once daily in the evening

I love this toner, but it does disappear very quickly. I'm committed now, so I will repurchase. It puts your skin in an age-defending bubble. You simply sweep it over your face after cleansing and it soothes and hydrates you. Once again, it contains natural ingredients which are mild; I've had toners in the past that feel as though they're taking off a layer of my skin.

If you cleanse in the morning and the evening, I would recommend using this twice a day, too. However, I find my facial wash is enough for me in the morning. This does wonders to help dry skin, so if you do feel your skin is a little dry, try incorporating it twice a day instead.

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins, £36.50 (or $44 from Origins U.S.)

Use once a day in the evening

After you've finished scrubbing your skin, it's time to slather it in moisturizer. This is one of Origins' hero products. When I don't put this on before bed, my skin looks quite grey when I wake up. When I do, it has a lot more radiance.

Overnight, this works to replenish your skin with vitamins C, E and H so you wake up feeling refreshed. It also smells like a spa and has properties in it designed to lull you to sleep.

One of the most important things about this product is that it hydrates you while you sleep. Water should be a key part of your daily life, but you can't get that hydration while you're asleep, so this goes a little way to replenish your face with the missed water-intake.

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

Origins ‘A Perfect World' SPF 40, £35 (or $44 from Origins U.S.)

Use Once Daily In The Morning

As I've got older, my approach to suncare has changed. When I was in my late teens, I used to practically cook myself on holiday/vacation, but now I amble for the shade wherever possible. It's not because I like to be pale — far from it — but it's because I want to protect my skin from aging.

This product does just that and more. Up until recently, I was traveling to London everyday. Between the pollution and sweaty commuter trains, my skin needed an extra level of protection. I put this on at the beginning of each day and it makes my skin feel secure against whatever it is going to have thrown at it.

It smells similar to the Night Moisturiser by Origins — in fact, I think most of their products smell quite similar. It's also quite thick (like sunscreen) so only use it sparingly and it'll last you a long time.

A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

Neal's Yard Bath Salts, £14.50

I haven't found planning a wedding too stressful. In fact, I've found it really fun. I know, however, that not everybody feels that way, so adding little luxurious things to your daily routine can be a huge help. Neal's Yard Bath Salts are a wonderful addition. I bought them because I wanted to treat myself. Yes, I've enjoyed planning our wedding, but it does take up a lot of brain power.

After a long day of juggling work, wedding planning, and any others bits you've got going on, these lavender bath salts are all you need to unwind.

The smell helps you turn off before bedtime, leaving any stresses of the day to melt away. These lovely salts have two ingredients: lavender essential oil and naturally harvested French sea salt. It smells like relaxation in a tub.

Face and A tried-and-true wedding skincare routine if you need one

TAN-LUXE Self-Tan Drops, Body: £42, Face: £39 (or Face and Body from Sephora)

Between my three best friends and me, I think we have tried every fake tan on the market.  Until recently, I would wear some version of instant fake-tan that would wash off after one use. I'd apply it with some gross old tanning mitt. I'm not an avid fake-tan wearer, but I do like to look bronzed when I go out, especially because I don't really sunbathe anymore.

I discovered TAN-LUXE and decided to see what the fuss was about. The premise is that you drop drops of the fake tan into your usual moisturiser and combine before putting on. I still do get the occasional streak (user error), but generally speaking, it is the best fake tan I've ever used.

Tanning is always a grey area for weddings and isn't required or even that common anymore. But who wants to actually go tanning? The answer is simple. Use TAN-LUXE. It lasts for around five days, so if I needed a tan on the Saturday I'd probably apply it on the Thursday so that it has time to sink into the skin and so you won't get any marks on your dress. If you do have any streaks, this buffer will give the product time to dull a little so you look streak-free.

And there you have it… A very curated set of products that have taken almost a year to get right!

Are you getting married soon? I'd love to hear what your skincare routine is looking like, if you have one. Maybe it's just bar soap and a moisturizer. You do you!

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