How to rock nested & stackable rings in your wedding set

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Are you considering stacking your rings into nested sets? You know, taking your engagement ring and accenting it with your wedding band or multiple bands to add new layers of dimension to the look.

Aesthetically, stacking rings is appealing because you can adjust your stack as styles as your own tastes change. And as your own personal style evolves, so too can your stacked ring set. The best part of stackable rings is that you can mix and match new bands with heirloom bands from your family's collection.

You can also add in bands for anniversaries and other occasions to enhance your existing ring set. All of a sudden your ring set becomes an evolving representation of your own story and milestones. And if you decide to pass them on to the next generation, you can choose to pass along the set or divide and gift them separately.

We went down the rabbit hole of beautiful shinies and stackable ring sets, how to mix and match them, and how to craft up stackable rings that totally represent who you are. Plus, who says no to looking at all kinds of sparklies? Not I! Let's give in to temptation and peruse the gold, the diamonds, the gemstones, and the many metals from which to choose…

Take advantage of arch-shaped stacking rings

To highlight a round engagement ring, use bands with an arched shape to accentuate the curve of the ring. It all blends into one cohesive look that totally stands out.

Stack rings to “nest” your engagement ring

You can opt for a contoured band, like the omgstunning stacking set, on either side of your engagement ring to “nest” the ring, making it look a bit larger and bit more decadent.

You can also build your stacking set around a larger bandwith thinner accent bands. Either way, it looks EPIC.

Try different metal colors

A ring stack doesn’t always have to be symmetrical. Opt for complementing bands in different metals for a unique look. This set includes both white and yellow gold with accent diamonds in different locations. It almost looks ombre!

One tip from Brilliant Earth is to mix up the colors (think rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold bands stacked together), while keeping the finishes consistent for a cohesive look. Take a peek at this composition with the Whisper Diamond Ring Stack in multiple metals, micro-pavé diamonds, and a polished finish…

Shake up the textures with similar shapes

Using rings of the same shape, you can shake up the look with varied textures and added sparkle (like milgrain detailing or a matte, hammered, or satin finish!). Plus, these bands keep that delicate look while combining to stand out a bit on your finger.

Are YOU considering a stacked ring set? Let us know your favorites.

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