Monday Montage: Cupcakes, carousels, carnivals and pinky swears!

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Thanks to all of your glorious photo submissions to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool, we now have another magnificent Monday Montage on our hands. In case you're new around here, the Monday Montage is a collection of my favorite photos from the pool. You can always click on a photo if you want to see more!

dunny toppersOMFG! These cake toppers are so RAD! They are an Azteca and Tattoo Series Dunny. I love that Lyn had a gigantical cupcake instead of a cake. I don't know if I would be able to resist a taste either!

Having a laughZet and Sophia had an uber colorful wedding on a boat, mother f*cker. Sophia and Zet got married in Stockholm, Sweden. They had a 1950's jazz theme. They also DIYed a lot, like their paper flower bouquets and their stage curtain backdrop!

pinky swearAnd even MORE boat wedding porn for you! Bethany and her husband said their “I do's” over a pinky swear because, as she said, “you NEVER break a pinky promise.”

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Photo by Gwyneth Colleen
Meg and David got married at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden in Providence, RI and then hijacked the carousel for some awesome pre-wedding photos! I love how the entire wedding party has matching red shoes. Converse and sassy heels FTW!

PhoneboxThis photo of Maria and Martin is so London-y (for lack of a better word) — the photobooth… the kilt… I love it all! After their ceremony at Fulham Town Hall the couple headed over to their favorite park for some couple portraits!

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Photo thanks to Vivienne McMaster
Michelle and Billy dubbed their wedding the “Carnival of Love.” It was a rather fitting title as the couple had every carnival themed thing you could imagine: a stilt-walker, fortune teller, candy galore, face painting, hula hooping, and more! All orchestrated by the ringmaster (Billy) and the mermaid (Michelle). My favorite part of this photo is the vintage polaroid and the groom's top hat!

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    • Are we having a lost in translation moment? In Australia a Dunny is a toilet (often an outdoor toilet). And I don’t see a toilet in any of these photos…

      Edited to add – I just realised there was a Dunny link above, which I followed, and I am still confused 😉 But less so now

      • Ha. Yeah… I wasn’t sure what a “Dunny” was either. A quick “google” showed me that not only was it a “toilet” in Australia but also these bunny things made by Kidrobot (follow the link in the article).

  1. Excellent montage! Big fan of the pinky promise ceremony as I make my students make me pinky promises often.
    Not to be picky but, since the “editz” button isn’t working for me, it’s a telephone booth in the “London-y” picture, not a photobooth.
    Yay Monday Montages!

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