Lord of the Rings wedding ceremony
Photography by Images by Daniel Michael

Jess and Sarah had a Middle Earth inspired handfasting ceremony, officiated by Ria Roth, and used four cords to symbolize Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. The entire ceremony script from this Lord of the Rings wedding feels like it could have been written by Tolkien himself!

Lord of the Rings wedding ceremony script:

The first cord is blue, symbolizing the element of Water. May your love flow and fill you to your depths. Will you each seek to ease each other’s pain and suffering, sharing laughter and joy?

Jess and Sarah: We will.

Rev. Ria: The second cord is green, symbolizing the element of Earth. May your love be wise and nurturing, and your happiness abundant. Will you strive to keep your love alive through daily actions and words of encouragement?

Both respond: We will.

Rev. Ria: The third cord is red, symbolizing the element of Fire. May your love be bright and passionate. Will you help each other to grow in wisdom and fulfill your goals?

Both respond: We will.

Rev. Ria: The fourth cord is white, symbolizing the element of Air. May your love be as limitless as the sky.

You are now bound to one another. It is not these cords that bind you, it is the vows that you have made to each other, your lives joined by love and trust. Love, like all things of the earth, grows gradually, strengthening leaf by leaf and breath by breath with each new day. May you tend your love as we tend to all things on this earth, with nurturing care and patience. May your love grow as boundless as the sky, as steadfast as the mountain, as bountiful as the earth, and as passionate as the sea. All of us here are joined together with this couple to wish them hope in their darkest days and joy in their brightest. May your love continue to grow.

Take these cords home and keep them safe so as to remember the strength of the love that you feel today and the hope that you have in your heart, and to remember the love and good wishes that have been expressed by your family and friends today.

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