Day 3 of Beach Week brings us a couple who braved October weather for their World of Warcraft, beach wedding. But you can stay inside and just read about it. – Becca


The offbeat bride: Jackie, Customer Service Professional and Student

Her offbeat partner: Jesse, Biomedical Enigneering Technologist

Location & date of wedding: Beach in Severna Park, MD — October 9, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: We had a small, short ceremony directed by the children's pastor from the church. We were outside on the beach in October. I came down in a gorgeous old car and surprised everyone with my beautiful RED dress. No one even knew! IMG_5263

The whole thing, from the music we chose for the ceremony and dinner to the reception and dancing, it was all fun and relaxed. It was so full of love.

Jesse and I met on World of Warcraft so our tables were named after places in the game. This was a fun conversation starter.

Tell us about the ceremony: We focused on our roles as husband and wife and our vows (written on post cards) reflected that. It was a short and simple ceremony highlighting our faith and love and future.


IMG_6405Our biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge was having all of the vendors work together on the same day. I scheduled the venue only to find out my photographer couldn't do it that day. So we rescheduled the venue to work with the photographer. Then our hair dresser couldn't do it, and so on. We worked with everyone, used a lot of friends of friends and family, and just did what we had to to make the day wonderful. I didn't even miss whatever got left out.


IMG_6570My favorite moment: Jesse and I are struggling; he lives in Canada and I'm here in the States, so it was difficult for us to plan this together. Our family and friends just showed us so much love and support with all of their amazing help. I think a wedding is a time to surround yourself with love, and Jesse and I did exactly that!


IMG_6607My funniest moment: Everyone was dancing in the water (which was AWESOME and unplanned) and I went to pull up my dress to get into the water and dance as well and I pulled it up too high and a few members of my family got to see a private show. Thankfully I had some super cute undies on.


IMG_5292Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great? The decorations. I left instructions and the decorations with Jesse. Now “total disaster” is not what I was worried about, but I will say I was a bit worried that my vision wouldn't have been achieved. It was PERFECT! He worked so well with everyone and everything got done. It truly was so beautiful.

My advice for offbeat brides: Realize that it is your and your future husband's wedding and you need to make decisions based on that. Jesse and I loved my dress and everything else. We had God in our ceremony, because He is such a huge part of our lives. Ultimately we had each other and that was truly all we needed.


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Comments on Jackie & Jesse’s chilled-out, fun, fellowship of love wedding

  1. Wow… I can’t believe that they rescheduled the venue to work around the photographer schedule! I’ve always considered the venue to be the top priority, but I guess it’s different with every couple!

  2. For some reason I am really taken by this wedding, even though it doesn’t have any aesthetic elements that normally draw my attention. That said, this looks really lovely and low-key and sweet. Congratulations to you both!

    • Thank you so much. It was relaxed and full of fun! There were decorations but we didn’t want to take away from the beauty that was already at the venue. All together it was perfect for us.

    • Thanks love! We really enjoyed ourselves and had a blast with our friends and family.

  3. I love that you guys embraced meeting in WoW and naming the tables after places in it!
    My husband-to-be and I met the same way, so I think I may have to follow your lead and incorporate it somehow! I think it’s totally awesome. Congrats Jackie and Jesse!

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