Ring and a date: How to make your own wedding rings with a pre-wedding getaway

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How much fun would it be to make each others' wedding bands!?
How much fun would it be to make each others' wedding bands!?

Okay, so the only thing cooler than having someone make a custom wedding ring for you, is to make your own wedding rings for yourself. Wait wait — even better — make your own wedding rings for yourself with and for each other! Our sponsor With These Rings gives you the opportunity for you to make your own wedding bands AND to take a much-needed pre-wedding get-away. Here's how…


Soldering handmade wedding rings
Soldering handmade wedding rings

How it got started…

Washington jeweler, Stephanie Selle, will work by your side to ensure that you create heirloom quality rings. All inspired by her own experience making rings with her fiancé…

“When my husband and I got married I knew that I wanted our rings to be handmade and meaningful. My husband suggested that we make each others. As a jeweler and teacher I was up for the challenge. Leading up to our wedding, there were a few times that I caught Brandt admiring his handy-work and touching up the finish on my ring. Making each others rings became such a special memory in preparing for our big day. Now when I look at my ring finger I see more than a symbol of our commitment, I also see the love and effort that we put into making our rings.

After our wedding I thought about what a rare opportunity it was for us to be able to make each others rings and I wanted to offer it to other couples. I would love to invite you to my studio to make your own bands. I am looking forward to hearing from you about your story and ring ideas!”

Dragon scale wedding bands in palladium.
Dragon scale wedding bands in palladium.
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What to expect:

  • Basic rings can be made in about 3-6 hours
  • The average price range for a set of 14k gold rings is $900-$1,700.
  • A DIY jewelry studio that's very different from a jewelry store, there are no salespeople or display cases.
  • You can expect to work in a private, casual atmosphere at a jeweler's bench with tools that are lightly covered in gold dust.
  • You can break for lunch during your ring making session, there are several great spots to grab a bite in Port Townsend, Washington.


What so many happy customers are saying…

Making our own rings was truly an unforgettable and unique experience. Stephanie made us feel at ease that she could teach us everything we need to know. To that end, Stephanie not only let us do almost everything ourselves, but often explained the actual science behind the various processes.

My fiancé and I had such a fantastic time making our rings and we truly value them more because of the love and effort that went into them… There is no better choice than making your own rings to express the love and meaning behind them, it is definitely worth it. -Brianna

Vintage-inspired wedding bands in rose gold.
Vintage-inspired wedding bands in rose gold.

Making our rings with Stephanie was the best wedding activity we've done. I made a band to fit the contours of her engagement ring and she made a band that was able to incorporate gold from my parent's rings. Stephanie knew exactly how much help and guidance to give while still letting us do most of the work (carving, filing, shaping, polishing). We couldn't be happier with how the rings turned out and would highly recommend Stephanie's workshop to all couples. -Lee

Gold wedding rings, hand-engraved with green diamonds.
Gold wedding rings, hand-engraved with green diamonds.

I can't say enough good things about Stephanie and With These Rings. My husband loved the idea of making our rings as soon as I suggested it, and I think our ring making session was a favorite part of wedding planning for both of us.

Stephanie was so pleasant to work with — she's friendly, easy-going, flexible, inclusive, communicates clearly (upfront prices and logistics, as well as instruction in the studio) and, maybe most importantly, is passionate about what she's doing and understands how cool and important it is to be making your wedding rings.

Carving the wax together was a great date during a stressful time pre-wedding, and now every time I see my ring, I remember get a little bit of a thrill knowing that my husband made my ring for me.


Make a ring and a date…

Yes, With These Rings is located in Port Townsend, Washington, but Stephanie works with couples from all over the country! See:

Port Townsend can be a little out-of-the-way… but Stephanie and the charming town she lives in are both well worth the trip. Do like we did and make it a mini-vacation — for both appointments, we drove up on Friday evening, stayed the night, and made our rings and then wandered the town all of Saturday. This is not something to be missed! -Jordan

I was not looking forward to the process of shopping for wedding rings with my wife. She then found With These Rings on the interweb, and I was on board. Stephanie had the perfect balance of creating a fun environment and being very professional. Plus if you stay the in Port Townsend it can be a great getaway for the weekend. We found something on AirBNB for pretty cheap. Bring your bikes too. Everything is within riding distance. The best part about the whole experience is just the fact that you actually make your own rings. And Stephanie is a great teacher. The end. -Danny

OMG, look at all these amazing creations!
OMG, look at all these amazing creations!

Actually… That's not the end. It's just the beginning of your journey to custom wedding rings and warm fuzzy memories forever. Click here to get in touch with Stephanie and start to make your own wedding rings for and with each other!

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  1. My husband and I made each other’s rings with Stephanie and absolutely LOVE them! Stephanie didn’t just show us how to make rings but help get the vision out of our heads and in metal. Stephanie provides help when you need it but also knows when to hold back (especially when my stubbornness kick in as I was trying to shape the hubby’s ring).

    Everytime I look at my ring I remember the day we made our rings and how lucky I am to be married to a wonderful man who made it for me.

    I would recommend anyone to stay they night in Port Townsend. It is a great town and making rings takes more energy than you expect, my hands and shoulders felt it the next day.

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