Chris Hardwick broke the mold for nerd culture with this Star Wars in-joke

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 | Photography by Lara Porzak
Chris Hardwick wedding with Star Wars detail
Photo by Lara Porzak | Via Nerdist

Geeks like myself mourn the loss of geek king Chris Hardwick's singlehood, but we can be appeased by this awesomely nerdy detail from his and wife Lydia Hearst's ceremony that he shared on his social media outlets.

Chris' favorite Star Wars droid, R5-D4, totally had a big role in his ceremony.

Chris attempted to get Mark Hamill to reprise his role in R5-D4's life, but barring that, it was still rad as hell.

Here's how it all went down…

One of my favorite wedding photos which is running in @harpersbazaarus. R5-D4 has long been my favorite droid. I wrote a @wired article about it a few years back, but it has something to do with the fact that he’s the “Almost Famous” of astromechs. He gets chosen by Uncle Owen & Luke FIRST, then chokes and breaks down paving the way for R2-D2. Naturally I had to make Ol’ Red the ring bearer. I contacted a droid builder I know, Lord Hotwing, and set it up. R5 was to come down the aisle with the rings TWO THIRDS of the way and break down.

Now, I crafted a long rambling email to @hamillhimself inviting him to the wedding and asking him to come out at hat point and mention the units “bad motivator” while drop wrong the rings. I apologized profusely for even making such a request and completely understood when he didn’t get back to me. My backup plan was to have a group of Jawas immediately spill out and argue with me while trying to take the rings. It worked beautifully! So beautifully, in fact, that he NY Daily News adorably reported it as a hiccup in the ceremony… oh the normies trying to decipher nerd culture (smug giggle to self). In any case, Red was a hit and even cleaned up real nice! By that I mean he out a bow tie on. He’s still pretty filthy. I think he may have also gotten hammered on some WD40 he snuck in and nailed the photo booth. #hearstwick #wedding photo by @laraporzak (at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena)

Also, did you see Lydia's ombre dress?! Be still my heart.

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  1. I follow him on Instagram and I’ve been living for his wedding tidbits. So nerdtastic! Also loving the photos of his Japanese honeymoon he’s been sharing. He’s basically my gold standard for nerd wedding right now!

  2. Check out Chris Hardwick’s wedding ring on Instagram. It is super nerdy and cool! It is made of dinosaur bone, meteorite, and elk antler. It is an awesome ring.

  3. Even as a Star Wars fan, I’m not a huge fan of weddings with a big inside joke like that. I’m sure most of their friends got the joke, but it can divide your guest list into “what are we sitting through” vs “lolz, that’s so perfectly them”

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