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ManicBride has a great idea: Let your guests write your vows!

A few weeks ago, D. and I were discussing whether or not we would write our own vows. Traditional vows are, honestly, boring. I don't want our friends and family members yawning and spacing out during the most important part of our ceremony.We brainstormed a bit and the few phrasings we came up with sounded cheesy and did not feel genuine.

So, we started getting goofy, and one of us ended up saying, “Do you penis take vagina to be your blah-blah-blah?” (This triggered a fit of giggles because our humor is terribly immature.)But it got me thinking… what if we broke down the traditional vows into the key parts of speech, polled our guests for examples of those parts of speech, and then crafted our vows out of their submissions? Wedding Mad Libs!

It's a creative way of including our friends and family and injecting some humor into a ceremony.

Of course, we wouldn't let our friends and family in on why we want the words. We could print up parts of speech request cards and include them in each invitation with the RSVP card.

We thought this was a great idea… so we ran with it!

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