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This is our archive of posts about how to write your vows. If you’re looking for real examples of wedding vows that our readers have used, check our vow examples archive, or our ceremony scripts!

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Non-traditional wedding vows samples that will inspire you to write

Trying to find the right words for your non-traditional wedding vows? These examples from real alternative weddings can help!

best vow alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This year’s best vow examples

We’ve featured literally thousands of real weddings on Offbeat Wed, and most of them include an excerpt from the couple’s vows. For those of you planning your weddings and trying to write your wedding ceremony scripts, these wedding vow examples from real couples can be a great way to get ideas to help you figure out how to write your own wedding vows.

A backyard wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown made by the bride

Wedding vows for atheists: no promises from the universe are expected

Wedding vows for atheists don’t have to be the same old traditional vows with the religious bits scrubbed out. Be inspired by these beautiful atheist vows.

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Why I had a Vows-First wedding

I’m soooo tired of the wedding thing: the planning, the stressing, the fears that I’m not doing it right…and for what? By making my wedding unusual, authentic, personal, and different — okay, offbeat — I’m already almost guaranteeing that it won’t meet everyone’s expectations.

That’s why I’m making mine a vows-first wedding.

improv wedding vows on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Our Unceremonious Ceremony: yes, you can improvise wedding vows!

I scrawled some vows on notepaper the morning of the wedding, and my partner 100% winged it in the moment. I’m sharing these really just to reiterate what Offbeat Bride is all about: I hope you get to do whatever you want on your day.

Did you know you can make your wedding vows into artwork?

Turn your sweet & funny wedding vows into artwork

If you’re writing your own custom wedding vows, you know how much time and effort they can take. You can totally immortalize your words with some wedding vows artwork to make sure all your hard work is saved forever. I saw a few gorgeous and simple ones that can come all framed and ready from Minted that I wanted to share.

Let’s see how you can turn your hard work into art on your walls…