How to DIY a candlelight lamp from a wine glass

Guest post by Liz Gubernatis
candlelight lamp from a wine glass

A glass of wine by candlelight sounds awfully rom-com-romantic, doesn't it? How about a wine glass that IS the candlelight? If you're looking for wedding venue mood lighting, these could light up the bar, the piano, the stage, or whatever space you're using, AND would make for soft lit centerpieces on each table. After the wedding, they could set the mood for date night, or just bask in the warm glow on a Tuesday night with Netflix. Here's how to make a candlelight lamp from a wine glass.

Materials and Tools

DIY candlelight lamp from a wine glass

Paper: tracing paper will let more light through, scrapbook paper will let less. Vellum is awesome.

Step 1: Print this template. Cut out.

DIY candlelight lamp from a wine glass

Step 2: Trace and cut out lampshade. Vellum is a great option for letting plenty of flickering light through, scrapbook paper is very pretty, and you can even alter the template in Photoshop or with GIMP before you print so that there's a pattern you can just cut out. Decorate to your heart's content.

trace and cut out lampshade

Step 3: Apply glue or tape to the top side of one short edge.

glue stick edge of one side

Overlap the edges of the lampshade as indicated and glue or tape down the flap.

press along edge to form shade

Step 4: Drop your candle into the wine glass and center it.

center the battery operated candle

Step 5: Top with your lampshade and turn out the lights.

finished wine glass lampshade


If you're using vellum or tracing papers, try to keep your glue or tape line straight, as it will show more on these papers.

You can use edging scissors to add a decorative edge to the bottom (or top, or both) of your lampshade.


  • Bookish Brides: If you can bear to sacrifice a few pages from a ruined book…
  • Music Lovers: sheet music is a perfect fit for these shades.
  • Zombiephiles: bleeding, bandaged, brainy shades FTW!
  • Foodies: Add wine labels or illuminate menu items with a glow.
  • Ladies of the Renn Faire: Use a bit of lace, or just create the look with a pair of edging scissors.

Your Turn!

Will you be making a little lampshade for your wine glass? Tell us how you'll make this project your own in the comments below.

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  1. I can’t seem to print out your template. Do you happen to have it as a .pdf ?

  2. I want to do this with sheet music!! Using the sheet music from some of our favourite songs!

  3. I’ll do this with pages of the books. i’m making bouquet out of ….. amazing!

  4. I make it easy, using paper drink cups..cut out bottom of cup and put over liquor glasses or any glasses the cups fit over..sometimes I put colored sand, pebbles,etc in bottom, then tea light. You can find some really interesting paper can use a hole puncher, cut designs too many ideas floating in my head

  5. I have an old world nautical room and I think I’ll use old maps for my shades.

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