Seattle’s Baby Van Beezly is the solution to your bachelorette or reception party nightmares

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Insert YOUR guests' stoked faces here. Photo by Jonas Seaman

Remember the Offbeat Empire party? Remember how much it rocked our fucking worlds? One of the major reasons the party rocked so hard was because we had Seattle's Baby Van Beezly spinning tunes karaoke-style.

Yes, Baby Van Beezly is not just any DJ, she's a karaoke DJ — and she's ready to rock the shit out of your bachelorette party or wedding reception.

What the hell is a karaoke DJ? I'll let Baby Van Beezly explain it in her own words:

I have not done my job until the night ends with all asses on the floor dancing their life away! To me, karaoke is not about singing well and being a diva. It exists for only one reason: to have a shit load of fun and not care about looking like an idiot in front of a crowd. All that matters to me is good music, good people, and having a raging DANCE PARTY.

If you're like me and that last sentence sounds like your wedding planning motto, then BOOM, I've just found you your DJ soulmate and here's why…

Not planning a wedding or bachelorette night, but still wanna partying with Baby Van Beezly? Just click here to see where she's spinning next!

If you're dreading hiring a DJ because you're worried about getting someone cheesy, or one that'll not be able to read your particular crowd's music style THIS is an awesome solution. Wanna sing a special song to your partner, but weren't sure how you were gonna pull it off? Here's your chance! Imagine a first karaoke number instead of a first dance. Or make this your perfect solution to an otherwise cringe-worthy bachelorette party! If you are NOT all about the penis cake and male strippers, Baby Van Beezly can come wherever you want, and rock out with you and your girls.

Now, if you're thinking “I don't know… people can reeeeeally suck at picking karaoke songs and sometimes that just kills the mood of a party.” You'd be right… if this wasn't a Baby Van Beezly karaoke jam. She's also the DJ, with a firm hand on keeping the music flowing with the energy of the party. Y'all request the tunes, and she creates the perfect lineup. Not once did the Empire party lose steam with a lame song, or rocked too hard at an awkward moment.

And if the pictures of the Offbeat Empire staff and friends wielding the mic and having the times of our lives are any indication of the fun you could have at your wedding or your most excellent bachelorette party… I'd say, get ready to have a fucking BLAST.

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    • We are pretty spiffy, but I am sure there are cool things elsewhere? We also have the guy who made the zombie cake. Come visit Seattle, we love tourists! (until you stand around Pike Place taking pictures of the pig… because seriously… I have to go buy my groceries and that does get a bit old).

  1. This is seriously the coolest idea for a business, ever. Way to do what you dream!
    And I freaking LOVE this as an idea for a reception. Having a pro DJ decide when and what gets karaoke’d would make it AWESOME.

  2. Not only is Baby Van Beezly a good friend of mine, she dj’ed MY offbeat festival wedding (Players’ Holiday) in the middle of the woods at a river campsite this past summer. In premonitions of premonitions the first song that got everyone crazy dancing was “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney. We eventually got shutdown by the campsite ranger on his golf cart, but her music choices even charmed his steely soul. GO BVB!!

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