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Georgia Spoken word wedding Sonju Photography14 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A Georgia wedding with a spoken word performance

Candice and Steven had a gospel choir, live band, spoken word performance, and even a Soul Train Line at their tent wedding. Candice even got on stage in her sparkly jumpsuit and rocked out to Prince! Don’t miss this epic love party (plus Candice’s sparkly jumpsuit!).

Wedding lip sync battle idea from @offbeatbride

No voice lessons required: a LIP SYNC BATTLE reception

If you’re a karaoke buff, it can sometimes be hard to get non-singing guests on board with a live singing reception. But who wouldn’t be game to lip sync?! All it takes is the balls to silently belt it out and get your best moves on. You can amp up the fun even more by turning it into a lip sync battle with a few flexible rules.

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Blanket seating, a falcon ring bearer, and karaoke at Logan & Gary’s poly-friendly, foodie wedding

We don’t know where to even begin here: the falcon ring bearer? The gorgeous poly family with amazing poly-centric vows? The bride’s custom-made floral print dress? The groom’s dapper suit? The blanket ceremony seating? The ooey-gooey first look? The drool-worthy food? Seriously, this wedding is out of control! Go get your dancing, karaoke, and falconry on by ogling this hot couple and their equally gorgeous wedding in San Diego. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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Amanda & Lee’s knights and dragons colorful fairy tale wedding

If you’re still reading this and haven’t already clicked to see more of the fabulous red dress, dapper white suit, and DRAGON HEADPIECE, there’s more to see in this white-knight-marries-a-lovely-dragon wedding. We’re talking handmade dragon wings, light-up leather bouquets, Magic: the Gathering rings, Frozen karaoke, and a Mario Kart shell toss. If that doesn’t get you, nothing will!

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Abbie & Justin’s technicolor karaoke wedding

This wedding has paper flowers, rainbow cupcakes, a silver dress by Miss Brache’s, a taco truck reception, and a super crafty way to make seating a cinch. And when the bride sang Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You,” all fell under her spell.

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Tamasin & Ben’s dress-up camping “BAMfest” wedding

We’re in the mood to bring some rainbows, glitter, and colorful details into your life. It’s a prismatic rainbow and colorful wedding theme week! This time we’ve got an Australian festival-style wedding with bird bridesmaids, knights, and coconut bras.