No voice lessons required: a LIP SYNC BATTLE reception

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Wedding lip sync battle idea from @offbeatbride
Belting it at Brian and Rebecca's wedding. Photos by Beaumond Originals

If you're a karaoke buff, it can sometimes be hard to get non-singing guests on board with a live singing reception. But who wouldn't be game to lip sync?! All it takes is the balls to silently belt it out and get your best moves on.

You can amp up the fun even more by turning it into a lip sync battle with a few flexible rules:

Wedding lip sync battle idea from @offbeatbride

  • Have a sign-up sheet so your DJ can see if the requested songs are available. Consider having interested lip syncers choose from a pre-set list to make it easier for your designated DJ.
  • Have the DJ, if they're willing, skim each song down to about a minute to save time. You can even do this yourself!
  • Provide an inflatable microphone or even a hairbrush for the full experience.
  • Assign someone to MC the battle and vote by applause/cheers.
  • Have a kitschy award for your campiest winner — like this trophy.

Are YOU planning any reception games? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. We did this at my wedding! We had an epic bridecrew vs groomspeople 90’s battle. The dudes ended up pulling some chairs out and going full on boy band, while the girls remembered and danced out the spice girls routine. It was a surprise suggestion on the moment from our DJ and our guests loved it. It’s one of my favorite memories of the evening. We also had the groom and his best man have an air guitar off to Iron Maiden.


    I am going to push it for our going away party because lip syncing is my favorite thing ever!

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