Maternity wedding dresses for pregnant brides who don’t look like “frumpy messes”

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Morgan & Jeff's 4th of July backyard wedding
My little sister Morgan in her little white dress with her not-so-little baby-filled stomach.

At my wedding, I will be seven months pregnant. It hasn't been easy finding dresses that don't look like frumpy messes or pajamas.

Any other brides in this situation? And any ideas on where to look?


Aw, this is a question that is close to my heart since my sister was an adorable preggo bride. Of course, like her big sis, she had herself an offbeat wedding. At her Forth of July BBQ wedding, she rocked an adorable little white dress and coverlet that she got off the rack!

So, I've put together this roundup of other pregnant bride fashions — some are available to purchase with a click, some are just for inspiration's sake, and none of which shall make you look like a frumpy mess.

Femicuty Maternity Short-sleeve Soft Wedding Dress
Femicuty Maternity Short-sleeve Soft Wedding Dress
Sheath Column Empire Strapless Floor length Lace Maternity Wedding Dress WSM0187 pucn1266998256406 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
THIS ONE is my favorite.
Angel Bride A-Line V Neck Empire Floor Length Chiffon Long Prom Maternity Dresses
Angel Bride A-Line V Neck Empire Floor Length Chiffon Long Prom Maternity Dresses
Breaking the glass
Wow, look at the hem on this dress — I love it!
Femicuty Soft Lace Pregnant Maternity Bridal Gown
Femicuty Soft Lace Pregnant Maternity Bridal Gown
akshay kristen dancing alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Of course it's not always A-line dresses that get the preggo love. How great is this curve hugging (celebrating!) dress? Photo by Zachary Hunt Photography
Beaded Cap Sleeve Long Jersey Maternity Wedding Dress
Beaded Cap Sleeve Long Jersey Maternity Wedding Dress

81gBCwwgR2L alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Here's one for the fearless summer bride. The combination of the vibrant fabric of the skirt and the knit top gives it a chic touch without compromising comfort. And the straps can be worn in two ways.

Remedios A-line Full-Lace Formal Maternity Dress with sash
Remedios A-line Full-Lace Formal Maternity Dress with sash
Maternity Formal Party Chiffon Sequin V Neck Long Sleeve Mini Empire Waist Dress alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
V-Neck Polka Dot maternity dress
V-Neck Polka Dot maternity dress

Hope I've helped you some on your awesome maternity dress search. And if I've indeed helped you find your perfect dress, you can easily thank me by naming your child after me. 😉

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  1. For dresses not specifically made for pregnant bellies, be sure you have enough room at the hem to tailor. A round belly will lift the hem. Good luck! Much joy with the wedding and baby!

    • Good advice! Remember if you’re ordering the dress online to order LARGE and you will definitely need to have it altered as your body is changing daily.
      We always have our Maternity Brides’ last fittings a week before the wedding and are on call for day before adjustments.

  2. Oooh, pretty! A lot of these dresses are great whether or not you have a belly to work around. 🙂

  3. Also – there’s a site called that is a good resource. I checked it out once before and it’s a designer in CA who started it in 2004. They have some cute options and I think you can rent them as well as buy them if you want to go that route.

  4. I wore the same dress as in that last picture. It would make an awesome prego wedding dress! Totally form fitting, super comfy, and lots of stretch.

  5. Great post!! I tell you people always forget about the pregnant brides. I especially love the curve hugging dress. Gotta love a pregnant woman wanting and her curves!!

  6. Morgan will laugh but Rosie Pope actually has some great options and can be purchased on line!

  7. Amazing! I’m making my own dress that would work pregnant or not (currently trying to make a baby…well, not right now haha) but these dresses are lovely!

  8. awwwwww I never thought you would describe me as “an adorable preggo bride”, in fact I never thought you would use the words adorable and preggo in the same description! Thanks big sis =)

  9. If you can afford it, the hottest dress I ever saw that could work for maternity(but isn’t advertised as such) is the Juliet dress by Claire Pettibone. It’s a knock out and is a very roomy sheath. It’s made of prettiness and rays of sunshine, but I’m not preggo and not rich. 🙁

  10. The seventh dress listed apparently also comes in white, ivory, and “pink” (a pale pink) as well as “champagne”, the color pictured. Also, according to a comment on that site a non-pregnant bride can wear it as well.

  11. My matron of honor was 8 months pregnant at the time of my wedding so we had to literally wait until the last possible moment to get her a dress since we really honestly had no idea how big she’d be by the time the wedding rolled around. I got married at the end of July and we went looking at David’s Bridal in mid-June and it arrived just a few weeks later. I liked a dress that had a chiffon material (David’s Bridal Style VC307) but we wound up picking a different dress (unfortunately not on their site anymore). It was the exact same thing but made out of jersey because it had the most “give” for my best friend’s belly. In some of the pictures, depending on the angle, you could barely tell that she was 8 months pregnant! No one would have guessed that she had her beautiful baby girl just 3 weeks later.

  12. Wow all these dresses are beautiful! I may end up getting the second one if the one I have coming doesn’t have the room I was hoping. I ended up ordering a non-maternity dress that hopefully is big in front. This is so helpful though! Thanks all!

  13. I find the promotion of a Chinese Design Piracy .com like Light in the Box on a site like this one a bit disturbing. One photo promoting them would have been enough. Companies like these are literally putting Indy Designers and Local Boutiques out of business and they exploit their workers and YOU the consumer. They’re finally banned from Etsy, so please OBB’s think twice before ordering from them.

    Last gown in the list is a Nicole Miller btw!

  14. Links to pictures of maternity wedding gown: Swedish fashion journalist and writer Ebba von Sydow pregnant at her intimate civil ceremony wedding at the end of January last year. Pictures were published on her blog for Swedish public service television (SVT). I think she’s super cute! Her baby girl was born in early April.

    The UK maternity site she ordered the dress from:

  15. I have a month to prepare for a beach elopement and I’m four months pregnant. An old friend, who, bonus(!) owned a bridal shop for years took me shopping. Here’s what we looked for (and thankfully found 🙂
    -a dress that fit my Boobs, with room to grow
    -A CORSET (check out Maggie Soretto (??) for the flexibility that a growing pregnant body needs
    -Simple design around any areas that will need to be altered (altering bead work is time consuming and expensive)
    -a really good seamstress who you can schedule for a ‘last minute’ fitting
    – and, in my case bc time was an issue, a dress that I could buy off of the rack (no time to order, we’re running away to get married!)

    20% of brides are expecting! As much as I wanted to find a fun offbeat dress on my own, I am so happy I went through a shop with the expertise I needed to find the perfect dress!

  16. My sister just got married at 5 months pregnant(this is her third daughter so she was showing quite a bit) and wore a gorgeous figure-hugging red satin dress that looked a lot like the satin one pictured above. It was absolutely stunning

  17. Im getting married on 26 January next year. I’ve just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant and completely overwhelmed by it all. Im not sure whether I should postpone the wedding or have it earlier. Im so worried about my dress and the wedding.My dress is a corset top with a full skirt… Everyone is over the moon about baby but I cant stop crying. Is this normal?

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